It is fun to me when my “CEO” is around.  He takes the pressure off. At least he absorbs it, I would be removed from the spotlight even if it is for some minutes. They know in their sub conscious that they can run to daddy, play with daddy and talk to daddy. Yeah! This is what happens when you have them toddlers.

Always trolling around, searching, hunting, discovering and scattering. And the bigger ones are always asking questions, seeking approval and needing attention.

Trust me, if you work with them you will know better. Children! Not an easy task but a phase most parents crave to go through. The fun part?

Trading stories with a fellow mom or dad;

Playing games with your children;

Listen to them tell their stories;

Reading bedtime stories to them;

Watch them take their first step;

Watch them grow into teenagers;

Hear them say their first word;

Watch them eat;

Watch them learn.

How interesting. You could see the pride in their eyes when they learn a new thing or two.  Every parent is so proud of their child and there is always that inner satisfaction and fulfilment from being a parent.  The unfun part, the cries, changing diapers, cleaning poo poo and cleaning up their mess. They make such a mess too, but it is certainly fun to be around them especially when they are not cranky. Yes! The pressure can also get on a parent’s nerves.

How about you?  Do you crave for the “me time” “the silence” when they are asleep or do you look forward to their return from school?

Children they say, are gift from God.



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