Don’t judge!  I feel some might say it is too much and others might say it is fattening and some might say it is ok and others might say it is too small.  In my head, there are little voices gauging the number of my household and others are wondering if ….

Ok. To those who thinks it is too much, here is what I have to say… when you have a house full of kids, you will use more than two crates of eggs in a month. Children are growing, and they need protein to help them grown healthy. And children do not care about fat. This is to those who thinks egg is fattening. Moreso, if eaten properly I see no way eggs can make you fat, it has a lot of nutritional benefits. It is advisable for children to eat one egg daily because a study published in Paediatrics magazine has stated that children who eats eggs daily for six months alongside a diet with reduced sugar-sweetened foods, may help  those children have a healthy height.

I sometimes use over two crates of eggs monthly because there is so many things you can do with eggs. You need it for pancakes, chin-chin and other snacks. What about egg roll?

Now let us look at the benefit of eating eggs:

  • They are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health such as betaine and choline.
  • Eating one egg a day, may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Eggs help to prevent rickets and osteoporosis because they are useful source of vitamin D.
  • Egg increases high-density lipoprotein which is often known as the “good” cholesterol.
  • Eggs are a source of choline which builds cell membranes and has a role in producing signalling molecules in the brain, along with various other functions.

Eggs are highly nutritious, and this is just a few of its benefits.

So, to women out there, I ask, how many of us know the number of eggs or crates of eggs our household consume on a monthly basis. Yes! I know I keep records and rightly so… follow the queue and start doing it.

Here is how we can use and eat up eggs for maximum nutrition and benefits.

Boiled eggs

Although, I hate the stench of boiled eggs when splattered about, the whole house would have this horrible smell and it makes me feel like puking but I do like hot boiled eggs.

Fried eggs

Fried eggs come in different forms, scrambled or semi fried whichever way you like it.

Do try out the following menu with eggs

  • Boiled yam and fried eggs
  • Boiled eggs and indomie
  • Scrambled eggs in indomie
  • Boiled eggs and jollof rice
  • Boiled eggs in a bowl of salad

Don’t spoil the fun.. keep naming them…



Photo credit: Nick Youngson

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