Am just another girl on the street, another woman in the hood, another mother on earth, another face in the crowd and even though my fashion sense maybe unusual to some, to others it is non-existent and to the rest it is fantastic. Then it is amazing when you finally achieve success and get the approval of the crowd. How your years of hard work earns you minutes of success or applause.

At the end, we ask, Is it worth it?

And that’s how it is with motherhood, having babies can come easily to some and others it takes years of paying regular visits to the fertility clinics. It takes years of trying different forms of fertility treatment and at the end, the baby is born. A minute or two of celebration for safe delivery and then starts another phase. Breastfeeding, sleepless nights… well some women claim never to have this. Others have a tough time dealing with this. The cries! Ha don’t forget that. And the hours and minutes of constant and keen observation to ensure the baby does not choke, to ensure the baby is comfortable and to ensure the baby does not roll over.

Is there such a thing as annual leave or casual leave when a baby is born? Nah! From inception to when the kids grow, the woman is always on duty to ensure the well being of the child is not jeopardised.

If  the wellbeing of the child is jeopardised on a rare occasion,  the woman is a bad mother and if the child excels? The child is the father’s child.  The world seems to cast a perpetual role on the woman, you are supposed to be good in the kitchen, in the bed and with the children. Any failings in any of this department makes you a bad woman.

And now how about enjoying womanhood instead of basking in the stress and storms women must face ?

Here we would talk about how to overcome each stressful side of being a woman in the journey of motherhood. Women, chin up, lift your head high, stand tall and walk with pride because you are proudly a woman.

Being a woman does not mean a life sentence of childbirth, kitchen duties and submissiveness. Being a woman means giving life to whatever comes your way, multiplying it a hundred-fold and bringing joy and happiness to the hearts of everyone around you. We women of grace, women of substance, women of class, women of virtues, women of greatness can be anything we want to be. We are destined to bring peace and not cause strive, to learn manners and impact it on our children. Little wonder women are blamed for everything because when they do not do anything chaos becomes the order of the day. Show me a manner less child and I will show you a woman who was too lazy to teach, too scared to hurt feelings and henceforth failed to speak up. Show me a child with zero skill in house chores and I will show you a woman who strongly believed the child ought to be pampered and not armed with life long skills.

Loving a child does not mean spoiling the child, it means arming the child for the future in all facets of life. There is no such thing as the child is intelligent but lazy with house work. Nah! It should be the child has more strength in education, less in domestic chores and the woman should find a balance and teach the child to discover and strike a balance.

Is it doable? Yes, it is. Women are destined to give life and so we are and I am proudly a woman.

Join me in this life’s voyage to discover, recover and uncover what it takes to be proudly a woman.




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