One week after Valentine and we are still talking about it. The aftermath of course. How many people had their hearts broken, how many people will eventually get pregnant and  how many people cheated on their spouse. And this has prompted me to ask;  Is it compulsory to have sex on Valentine’s day? Is there some form of unspoken societal pressure on couples to have sex on Valentine’s day?
Just so you know if you do not have sex on Valentine’s day you are not a novice and you do not need to have sex to validate your love for someone. Women expect gifts on valentine’s day from their lovers and admirers while men on the other hand expect sex on Valentine’s day this makes the combination all the more terrible. Most ladies are looking for a treat, a lovely meal, exquisite gifts and a nice experience. The guys are looking for great sex. I think to the guys its all about sex and to the ladies it is about the gifts and show of love.
But is February 14 really a lovers day ? a sex day? or a day to remind us to love … It is not all bad especially for couples… February 14 is that day African men are permitted to show off their romantic side to their wives.
The worrying aspect of February 14 is that it has been highly overrated by commercials and corporate organisations gunning for profits. Stores too are not left out and hence all the more why the youngsters think it is a day to have sex.  That  silent code of making love or having perfunctory sex on valentine’s day. What’s that all about? Does it even have any relevance to Valentine. I know we have all heard the story over and over again about how valentine’s day cameto be celebrated.  If you doubt for yourselves, on the number of people having sex on February 14, visit a shop or store and inquire about contraceptives.  Condoms and other contraceptives are usually sold out during the period of valentine.

I think we should love every day and having sex on Valentine’s day especially for the youngsters is just a spoiler, it is overrated and it is eventually not enjoyed. The pressure to have sex spoils the act in itself. Valentine’s day is not synonymous with sex and the earlier we know it the better February 14 becomes without incidence of unwanted pregnancies, heart breaks, lonely heart, empty pockets and lots more.
I love February 14 but for a different reason. It reminds us to express love to one another. To show our spouse that we love and appreciate them. It makes us remember to show  love to other people and the last time I checked, love is not sex.



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