Shakespeare once said when words fail, music speaks. And that is the story of Nigerian youths who have found expression in music. About 99% of Nigerian youths love music, they have solace in it, inspiration and motivation. Some are passionate about it and some see it as a golden ticket from the shackles of poverty to the throne of financial freedom. Wizkid did it, Tuface did it, Olamide did it and a host of others so why not them? They clad their bodies with bling bling and sagging trousers just to pass a message to the world that they are the next big star in the making or they are upcoming artists. They are littered all over the place. Those who are not desirous of being the next super star dream of being their friends, or managers or make-up artists or their costume designers.

So lucrative is the music industry that we have all failed to discern the message it is passing across to our youths. The big brands promote music competitions ( for a good cause) but in the process lives of youths are being wrecked. A  great number of youths are being introduced into smoking marijuana, cigarettes or taking other hard and dangerous substance  because it is the lifestyle of big artists. Fornication becomes the norm as immorality takes a front seat in the ride for fame and money.

And how about the fact that if as a lady you don’t wear skimpy or tight wears or dream to be like your music icons by putting tattoos you are a jew.

Pastor  Anuma and Mrs Esther Anuma as discussants in the Voice of Eve Tv program   spoke extensively  on the influence of music in the lives of our youths and notably is the fact that Pastor Anuma, being a pastor and mentor to the youths stated:

Music is a spirit. He recounted his experience in his church when he asked the youths to write lyrics without the usual profanity and most of them struggled to do this.

So terrible is the new trend in the music industry that everyone upcoming artists thinks his or her song is not complete without mentioning money or in some cases sex or nigga or the F word or ass the list of vulgarity is endless.

Most Nigerian young artist are married to the notion that there can’t have a break through in the music industry without vulgarity in their music videos or their lyrics. Sumputous flesh must be displayed, video vixens must be engaged to make the music go viral. Most do not look up to Timi Dakolo one of the few Nigerian artist who has managed to effectively maintain morality even in the midst of the pressure of the industry and has achieved remarkable success in his line of music.

Music should influence the youths positively and move them to greatness rather than doom and destruction. Not too long ago Davido lost some of his friends under mysterious circumstances, such is the life that comes with the glamour and glitz of the music industry if the youth tow towards the wrong path.  At least the autopsy report on Tagbo’s death revealed alcohol and drugs in his system capable of killing a person. While Olugbenga Abiodun  and Chime Amaechi were found dead  in a BMW car in the  garage of a flat in Banana Island with substance suspected to be hard drugs.

Don’t get me wrong, our very own Wizi – Wizkid  ( Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun)  made us proud when he bagged the international best artist award beating  Jay Z and Drake and the likes to make this spectacular achievement.  Also Davido ( David Adedeji Adeleke) won the best African Act at the Music of Black Orign ( MOBO ).  This shows us that true talent surely makes a difference.  But most youths going into the music industry especially the hip hop section thinks  the use of drugs and excessive intake of alcohol gives talent. Nah! It only leads to trouble and deaths.

How about the influence of artists on our social lives? Baby mama has become the trend for our youths and I fear the institution of marriage might be extinct soon. Guess what? This baby mama trend was popularized by  Nigerian artists. And the tatoos?  Say no more!

This great influence of music in the lives of our youths has prompted  and re-awakened this issue, the public needs to be sanitized to pass the right message to the youths and  parents  have an enormous role to play in educating the youths on the dangers of uncensored and overexposure to trending music with absolutely no meaning.

Music is an expression of art, an expression of ideals and an expression of feelings. What ideals in this day and time has our Nigerian artists expressed? Fela in his time always passed a message across and this made him a legend. Bob Marley preached ideals with his music and this also made him a legend.

We need more of this type of Artists in Nigeria to use their music to speak against terrorism, kidnapping, crime, politics and corruption. We need more Nigerian Artists to inspire the next generation into greatness and not into drugs, sex  and  excessive alcohol.





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