One  week after the experience 12, 2017 which held on 1 December, I ponder on our level of spirituality and commitment to holiness as Christians in Nigeria. This is an era where the Nigerian churches are under attack from its citizens on the exorbitant lifestyles of the pastors and general overseers and the excessive demand for money in the form of tithes and offerings. The heated debate of whether tithes should be paid or the money be used to build free primary health care, build a better educational system and to help the welfare of the downtrodden in the society remains a burning issue on social media. This has been spearheaded by On-Air- Personality Freeze of Kool Fm for a while now. He has led this tithe campaign to the extent of drawing out the big pastors in Nigeria to lend a voice to this discourse.  Pastors such as Pastor Adeboye (General overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God) TB Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations and Mathew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Centre ( KICC) have all had one or two things to say about tithing.

And what of the jokes making the rounds on social media that Pastors with private jets should use it to rescue or bring back home our fellow Nigerians in Libya. Reference was also made of famous football Samuel Eto who was alleged to have chartered a plane  to bring back stranded Cameroonians from Libya (By the way he has since denied this claim) while our pastors have refused to do likewise.

Oh! And lest I forget,  Pope Francis was mightily praised for giving his gifted customized white Lamborghini Huracan car worth N76 million to charity and OAP Freeze did not spare words this time to haul insults at the Pastors once again.

And while I choose not to delve into the tithing debate, I always believe we need to look deeper and bring out the good in people.

So, while I have never attended the Experience, I am forever grateful to my friend and secondary school mate Desi who brought it to my attention that it was being televised live on DSTV channel 198. For it was there I saw the good in Pastor Paul Adefarasin, I also had the experience of experiencing the experience 12. ( if that makes any sense, *smiles*). I saw a man talk with passion for humanitarian works, I saw pure good and selflessness.

During the 12th experience concert which is the largest gospel concert in Africa he publicized a project which his church has undertaken. This is to provide computer labs for 100 schools out of about 758 public schools in Lagos. He enjoined NGOs and other churches to join the bandwagon as he saw his effort as a catalyst to inspire others to help the educational system.

I actually have a soft spot for genuine humanitarian services and his humanitarian acts over the years must be commended. Last year, (his church House on the Rock) distributed  food items to some communities for the Christmas celebration. I also saw something on his soup kitchen project. I must say in the midst of this storm of exorbitance and extravagant lifestyle, there goes a man who thinks of humanity and who should be emulated.


PS.I do not attend House On the Rock, so this is not a campaign but a genuine commendation of his good works.

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