Special clothes are those clothes that makes you feel warm, comfy, sexy, relaxed, attractive and pretty.   This is one sure way to wear a smile when your clothes does not give you a cause for concern or uneasiness. And knowing how to wear those clothes of yours will make a great difference if you are up to a series of events and parties all planned out for the Christmas holidays. Don’t get me wrong, you must not necessarily be out all the time to wear that special cloth. Do you also know that our clothes define our appearances. We could be elegant, exotic, gorgeous, stunning all because of what we choose to wear.

Anyways, I love Christmas, it lightens my mood, the Christmas lights, decorations, colours, and the carols are heavenly.  This is one time where there is so much hype before Christmas and so much celebrations, parties, weddings and holidays. It is a great season of joy as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, Abeg who does not like birthdays? And this one sef na birthday of our Oga pata pata.

Ha! Me I love Christmas, the night time of the harmattan when it is cold( I never see harmattan for Lagos o! Na so so rainfall.) , the snow for those in colder climes and the love that oozes around us is enough for me. Apart from the spiritual aspect of Christmas, Christmas is also a time to spend time with the family for those who are always out and about.

Ok without further gist, here are the clothes you should wear this season:

A dress made with ankara is number one on my list and say what you like, it can never go out of season. Try a short ankara dress  and watch yourself transform into a lovely being.Short ankara dress

bell hand ankara short dress

Off the  shoulder dresses are tremendously lovely when rocked this season. It gives you an air of confidence as you feel like a fashionsita. And guess what? It is in vogue and it fits all body types. *wink*off the shoulder dressoff the shoulder blouses

Double breasted ankara dress: Call me names, but you simply cannot take my ankara from me. This is absolutely fabulous and if you were not a lover of double breasted clothes, this dress will make you fall in love and over and over again.

Denim: The king of casual clothes is denim, and you sure don’t want to miss out on rocking it this season.denim

Lace dress: Wear that lace dress for the Christmas carol and look regal as you go worship our saviour. lace dresswine lace dress


The Christmas season is the perfect time for end of year parties and what makes you stand out better than a ball gown. Long flowing either in satin or ankara or da viva is cool.

  1. Ball gown

Ankara ball gown

Jumpsuits: What’s this season without wearing a jumpsuit for an outdoor activity. Try it!ankara jumpsuit

Remember, always wear a special cloth  and never wear a cloth just because everyone else is wearing it or just because it is in vogue when you actually feel uneasy or when it doesn’t fit your body type.



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