Is Nigeria truly a God loving nation is a burning question that begs to be answered within religious circles. Everyone knows Nigerians are perceived  as extremely religious people  but the depth  and length of their love for God is question by Evang Charles Awuzie in this article.

“A Nigerian prophet came to Durban some years ago and preached a message titled “Grace for New Levels”…he kept screaming “I prophesy, you shall get your visa to America” and nobody said Amen. It was in an 80% Indian Church. Nobody in that service needed a visa to America, they were very comfortable in South Africa. They visit America and come back to their good jobs and families. At the end of the service, the prophet chatted me on WhatsApp and told me that the people were not “RECEPTIVE” of his prophetic grace. He said that everytime he preached such messages in Nigeria, people will begin to testify of getting visas etc.
I said to him…
“My brother, calm down. South Africans are not running away from their country like Nigerians. South Africa has a functional system unlike Nigeria. If the Nigerian Government was functional, no Nigerian would say amen to prophecies like getting a visa. Visa is not the gospel, new car is not the gospel, new house is not the gospel, these things can be bought by anybody who earns an average salary in this country. Next time, just preach Jesus and the people will be open to receive Jesus.”
His response was very embarrassing and I can’t even reproduce it here.
The things Nigerians sow seeds for back in Nigeria are freely available in functional societies.
Nigerian Christians fast, bind wicked uncles and sow seeds for visas… South African, British and American Christians just get their papers together and proceed to the embassy and get their visas. The difference is not spiritual, the difference is in the functionality of the systems.
A Nigerian tithes to prosper, the rest of the world work in multiple jobs, engage in business and prospers. The difference is not spiritual, the difference is in the functionality of the system.
90% of Nigerian pastors in South Africa complain that South Africans don’t take God serious and I laugh at them. Nigerians don’t take God serious, not South Africans. A Nigerian drug dealer will have drugs in his pocket while leading in intercessory prayers. A South African will rather stay back at home than to come to church and live a hypocritical life. So who is really joking with God?
I know how Nigerian internet love scamners sow seeds to prophets for god to make their victims fall into their scam.
Nigeria is not a godly nation, we are a religious nation. All our political leaders claim that it was God who put them there.
Nigerians should go and seek God without attaching their needs. Then we will know that we are truly a God loving nation. For now, we are just the most religious nation in Africa.
We are using God to get visas, cars, health, houses, marriage etc.”

Written by Evang. Charles Awuzie 

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