Think Christmas,  think denim because in less than 7 weeks, its Christmas and have you been wondering lately how to rock your denim for this festive season? Great news is I have just the perfect idea for you.

Denim is the fabric used to make  jeans, it consists of cotton twill that is 100% cotton. I must say that it is quite rich and extremely comfortable when worn.  The fabric is used to make other clothing and accessories as well such as bags, hats, dresses, shirts, skirts and a lot more.   But if you  are  still in doubt as to the difference between a denim and jeans, know this, a jeans is a trouser made out of the denim fabric and not all denim clothing are jeans although all jeans have some sizable amount of denim fabric in it.

Growing up, I always loved wearing a pair of jeans, this was in my Uni days. Call it deprivation due to choice of course  of study or call it just love.  I craved for every opportunity to wear a pair of jeans when I was not in class.  You see, my course of study never permitted a pair of jeans  during lectures and that deprivation increased my love for jeans and any kind of denim.

Toyin Lawani  is one Nigerian fashion designer  and serial entrepreneur I find fascinating.  She is bold, determined, lively  and her fashion designs are absolutely amazing. She recently launched her denim collection and that raised a million thoughts in my head.

The Christmas season is here  and as lovers of fun, we have all planned something for the vacation. Denim is one die hard fabric that everyone, I mean literally  everyone has in their wardrobe. It is a universal language of the celebrities, world’s most powerful men and women, the rich, poor, average, middle-class and even babies. Show me a person who has no pair of jeans in his or her wardrobe and I will tell you it’s just 1% of the world’s population. The religious also wear  pair of jeans. And I believe everyone has one time in their lifetime wore a pair of jeans whether as a baby or as an adult. So how do we rock this timeless fabric  this season. Not to worry here are ideas on how to rock your denim for the season:

As a warp dress

Toyin Lawani’s latest denim collection comes in wrap dresses. I say not bad for the fashion goddess. You too can rock it like this. Check it out:

 Photo credit: Instagram 


As a short dress: A denim short dress and sneakers is a season-less outfit and who says you can’t rock  it this season.

denim short dress 2

As a long dress

Yea, there we go again, a denim long dress goes just as well for lovers of long dresses.

denim long dress

As  a skirt 

Hmmm!!! Try out a deliciously mirco mini short skirt if you are bold in making a fashion statement and don’t mind being the center of attention.

denim short skirt

As a crop top

Crop tops are everywhere, have you ever tried it on a pair of jeans? Denim crop top on a pair of jeans would make you look unique this season.

denim crop top

denim crop top2

As Jeans

Yes, whether we like it or not, many people will rock a pair of jeans this season. So don’t be left out.

denim jean

As Jumpsuit

We all know denim jumpsuits or overall  or coverall has been around for a very long time. It is timeless,so don’t feel shy to try it out.

Denim jumpsuit

As a shirt

Ok. The typical long sleeve collar shirts, but in denim fabric would make you look just as good.

Check out Rihanna in a denim shirt
Check out Rihanna in a denim shirt

As Pant and Bra

Spice your inner fashion up, with a pair of pant and bra in denim fabric.

denim pant and bra 2

Denim pant and bra

As Kaftan

I get it, you are not into spicy denim fashion, you are a conservative fashionsita, fret not. The denim kaftan will do just fine.

denim kaftan

denim long kaftan

As A Handbag

Fancy carrying a denim hand bag. It just might suit you.

denim handbag 2

denim handbags

As shoes

You could wear it as sneakers or heels. Whichever suits your style will work just fine.

denim shoes 2

denim sneakers 2

denim shoes

denim shoes 3


Show the beach  who is in charge with a pair of denim  bikini

denim bikini2

back of bikini

denim bikini


Ok, I get it, you do not want everyone to immediately notice your denim outfit, then wear it as an accessory. You get more that way.

denim ear rings

denim earrings 2

denim wrist watch

denim hat




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