The Catholic Church dedicates the month of November to praying for the dead.
The month begins by remembering All Saints on November 1st, and All Souls on November 2nd.
As Catholics, we believe that after death there is a period of purification, which occurs in a place called Purgatory.
During this month in which we pray for and remember the dead, I wish to propose seven different souls we could pray for, asking God to be merciful to them and bring them into their eternal reward.
( _Knowing the reasons why we should pray for the dead, will be easy for you to pray earnestly)_

1. *Parents*
Praying for our parents is an important task, because it is a way that we can still be connected to them from here below.
Don’t forget about mom and dad, and if you have a chance, perhaps pay a visit to their grave this November.
2. *Youth*
It is always tragic when a young person dies.
In our day and age, there are many ways young people can fall into sin; temptation surrounds them in many ways, as it does all of us.
This November, when you pray for those who have gone before you, don’t forget those who died in their youth.
3. *Those Who Die Unexpectedly and Without the Sacraments*
Do you know someone who died tragically in a car accident or someone who had a heart attack and passed quickly?
It’s possible that if they died suddenly and unexpectedly, the person didn’t die fortified with the sacraments.
It also means they might not have had time to repent and make reparation for their sins in this life.
It’s important for us to remember them in prayer and perhaps even make small sacrifices on their behalf to atone for the sins of their life.
It’s a simple way we can help out those we loved.
4. *Clergy*
It is a great responsibility to have the care of souls.
Perhaps the souls of clergy and religious have things for which they must atone.
Don’t forget your favorite priest or pastor who has passed away.

Say a prayer for them.
5. *For those who committed suicide*
Unfortunately, many people still believe suicide is a mortal sin in all instances, which as mentioned, psychological factors lessen culpability.
This mentality may cause some people to lose hope and never offer prayers for their loved one who died in this manner.
A faithful Catholic woman, June Klins, felt called by God to pray for those lost to suicide.
6. *For our Protestant Brothers and Sisters*
I am sure you have had friends who were Protestants pass away.
Don’t forget to pray for their souls.
For the most part, the belief of Purgatory is something believed only by Catholics.
For our Protestant brothers and sisters they don’t have much opportunity, if any, for Masses to be offered for their soul, or for prayers to be prayed for their eternal rest.
As Catholics, this responsibility falls to us.
What a gift you could give your friend, by praying them out of Purgatory and into the kingdom of Heaven.
7. *Your Enemies*
A while back on social media,  a person was seen rejoicing  at the death of someone from their past because of the person’s cruelty toward them.
Jesus said in the gospel to do good to those who hate you; love your enemies.
When we hear of the passing of someone whom we did not count as a friend, and instead as a foe, offer a prayer for them.
It’s a kind thing we can do, and an act of mercy.
*Perhaps as we forgive and show mercy, God will do the same for us, and that enemy of our ours might return that favor for us, by interceding for you.*
Praise God!
*_Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord, and Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them._*
*May They Rest In Peace.*

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