According to Aldous Huxley, there is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.  Certainly that’s not what Patapaa Amisty was thinking when he composed his song one corner and that’s certainly not what was on his mind when the song became a hit in Ghana. Guess what like everything that becomes a hit, it came with its own uniqueness. “the one corner dance.”

So,  we know this new song and  new dance is invented  and  sang by the Ghanaian artist Patapaa  who  is looking for fame at all costs like most struggling artist and has finally traded his decency in the process. For now he thinks he is the best next thing that has happened to African contemporary music due to the popularity of his music. I can just imagine how his life would be soon as  every major artist in Ghana and Nigeria would want to collaborate with him, major brands  may want to sign him up as brand ambassador and major record labels would also want to sign him up.

In local parlance, for e mind now na him be the king of creativity. If i hear…

One corner has this sexual dance where everybody tries to have sex with cars, air conditioners and all or at least that is what it looks like at first glance. Strictly speaking according to  filterfree the one corner dance is an aggressive pelvic thrust performed while holding on to either the floor, a pole or any supporting object. I have watched many  people hold and thrust  more unimaginable objects such as cars, dummies, wall , air conditioners, gutters  and more… Could this get any better?

Watch the dance here :

I hear the origin of the dance is  from a community in the central region of Ghana called  Swedru which is a predominantly working-class town where most people work as farmers. The dance is seen as an  outlet for freedom of emotions and proponents of the dance see it as a place to find  their “peace” by finding their public space to express themselves through thrusting their pelvic.

Hey don’t judge me harshly, but this one corner dance is one hell of an immoral dance, else how do we explain the pelvic thrust likened to having unrefined sexual intercourse. And like everything that is depraved of morality comes fame and popularity. The craze for the dance did not just stop at the shores of Ghana but has spread like wild fire over the past months into other African countries and first on the list is Nigeria.

Nigerians are fun seekers, fun lovers and fun people who are always in search of happy hours and good time  even in the midst of difficulty.  So it comes to us as no shock and it is not in doubt that fun seems to be at the core of our very existence but deep down in our hearts lies a country warped  in its  culture and tradition. The craze dance called one corner dance, in my opinion encourages immorality and sexual carelessness in public places in an already morally fragile society.

It is quite controversial and has already claimed  lives  in Ghana as a woman was reported to have died while performing the one corner dance when she fell on the floor and started shaking violently.  Another woman was reported to have died while dancing on a wall which collapsed  on her. More recently, two people have also lost their lives to the craze dance  while dancing to the  beat on a motorbike. Deaths like this means only one thing and that is the one corner dance is not a good thing that has happened to the Ghanaian society and  entertainment industry and any other entertainment industry and society  that chooses to adapt it. The one corner dance encourages senselessness, else how do we explain those people who were dancing to the tune on a motorbike which led to collision and onward crash into a building.   Thus, it is time to sit down and re-consider the implications of the one corner dance sweeping like a fever across the country.

Nigerian youths pride themselves in knowing all the latest song and latest dance, but this is one dance our youths should not be proud of, as it wears the cloak of immorality and the face of a wolf, ready to kill and destroy its victims.  Dance is an important part of entertainment and in the past  it has been used as a tool for communication,  as a means of celebration, ceremonies, rituals and healing. Do you know dance  has even been linked to sex in the past. However, in Africa during the  pre-colonial era our dance history is predicated on individual dancing and  the absence of close couple dancing as morality in that regard was highly guarded.

Fast forward, many years down the line and Africa has become the hub of immoral dance, because  there is nothing  more entertaining in the one corner dance then the pelvic thrust and the rhythmic  motions of the hip with inanimate objects. We sincerely hope everyone will see this dance for it for what it is, as it rips off the last shred of morality from the youths.  One cannot help but wonder what type of dance will be invented by Africans  in the next 20 years all in a bid to become famous.

Right now, the world needs a unified voice to bring some form of sanity into African musicians and entertainers as major influencers of the youths of today who are leaders of tomorrow.







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