Here is a piece worth our time as I found it very instructive for Christians.

For the first time in my adult life I cannot even put in words my present feeling especially as the news of Pastor David Ibiyeomie of salvation Ministries church founded in 1997 with a population of less than 500,000 devoted members acquisition of a luxury Private Jet for his birthday celebration today hits me this morning

At the my last count, Pastors Adeboye of RCCG, pastor Joshua and So called Bishop Oyedepo of Living faith,Pastor Oritsejafor etc have all acquired the very latest in luxury jets amongst a vast array of holdings making them some of the very wealthiest human beings on earth.

These pastors are the new overlords, slave masters with whips garnished with the sweet tongues of against the backdrop of the recent almost violent rejection by the ‘body of Christ’ of the call for taxes in their churches, we now hear of Pastors launching luxury liners and huge real estate begin to ask yourself some very pertinent questions with answers you are afraid of exploring.  They bestride the firmament in holier than thou gowns collecting from a deprived and depraved flock, fleecing, throwing prosperity messages that seem to deliver the wealth to them alone and their cronies, while the rest of us, defiled cups in hands, adorned with rags and defiled by leprosy , kneel at their feet, hoping and waiting for the deliverance but alas we are told to wait till heaven while they live in opulence here on earth.

The airliner is not just the only one, the huge Real Estate holdings, the University where the brethren cannot afford to take their children to despite the fact that it’s their tithes that built the school. The hotels, the various businesses. This is nothing but organized fleecing under the guise of religion. Now, I am angry and will unsheathe my sword. This  ‘religious’organizations are nothing but multi national firms who have gotten their seed capital from their members who unlike normal shareholders have been deprived of the benefits of their investments. Where is the democracy in all these? Why are dividends not declared and shared amongst all tithe payers? Why is the General Overseers  position held almost in perpetuity?

The Roman Catholic Church is the richest and most populated church organization with who have impacted on the lives of not just Italians but the rest of the world which is capable of owning millions of privates jets but have none in its possession. It is not controlled by a family or a patriarch but controlled by structures and institutions that have for centuries continued to ensure the perpetuity of its vision. The selection of the Pope who is the titular head is carried out along very set lines of succession, lines that have over the centuries withstood the vagaries of time, encrypting it into the concrete of structure. This has ensured the continuous democratization of dividends that accrue from their various activities.Catholic Church in terms of transparency, institutionalized decision taking, clear and transparent succession planning and decision taking procedures.They are miles ahead of this family owned businesses we call churches in this country yet none of its leaders, not even the pope (3rd most powerful man on earth ) uses a private jet.

Why can’t they learn one or two things from this Denomination.

Mind you, This is not an attack on the church and no Satan sent me. I am a Christian but a Christian with brain. What I have done is detach myself from all this Tom foolery and condemn their embezzlement and theft.

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