We all know that one of the biggest news making the rounds last week was that of Governor Rochas Okorocha,  President Jacob Zuma and their N540million Statute.

Call it attention grabbing, call it hideous, call it a spite on the good people of Imo State (is it?) or call it whatever name you fancy. The news could win top 1 on the news chart for days without end.

Although, it was not one of the trending searches on google Nigeria but it did trend tremendously on social media.  It went viral on twitter coupled with the abuse nicely thrown at J.J Omojuwa for voicing his thoughts in a sarcastic way about the choice and action of the Governor.

And my people, if you are wondering why Rochas Okorocha decided to erect a bronze statute worth N540million of Jacob Zuma.  Know it now that nothing is hidden under the sun and the intention behind such edifice would be revealed in time.

For now, let us all enjoy the jokes that come with the statute and the abuses as well.


But it is amazing how Rochas Okorocha was quick to allegedly delete the post and deny he ever posted such an abuse on twitter. I think we as Nigerians need to re-educate ourselves on public comportment especially people in public office. I guess he was not expecting it to go viral. Unfortunately, he needed to make only one error to bring his brash behaviour into the limelight by abusing a social media influencer.


But while we are at it, can we ask ourselves and Rochas Okorocha’s supporters (I say supporters because the turnout for the commissioning of the statute was large) some pertinent questions like:

What is the economic value of the statute?

How does the statute better the lives of Imoisans( as I would like to call the people of Imo State).

Has it improved the state of the roads, the cost of living or better access to medical health care?

What significant contribution has Jacob Zuma made for the people of Imo State?

Is Imo State an art gallery specialized to house the Statutes of all current African leaders?

Perharps, the dear Governor of Imo State does not understand the essence of erecting a statute. It is time for us to know a little more about Statutes which started the media buzz in the first place.

Statutes are built on commission to memorialise a historical event, or the life of an influential person. Many statues are intended as public art, exhibited outdoors or in public buildings. Some statues gain fame in their own right, separate from the person or concept they represent, as with the Statute of Liberty.

One ridiculous thing about Rochas and the Jacob Zuma Statute business is we don’t know the massive contribution Zuma has made to the people of Imo State. We are yet to see the infrastructural, health care, education, transportation and whatever else that is worth contributing to.

Zuma is influential in his own right as the President of South Africa, but I fail to see his connection and influence on Imo State in Nigeria that warranted erecting a Statute with a whooping sum of 540million.  South Africans are as surprised as Nigerians and are also wondering what a statute of their President is doing in our country. More’s the pity!

Again, I say Dear Nigerians, especially Imosians enough with the statute joke it is time to dig deeper and look further to discern the meaning of the N540million statute.

And by the way, a road was also named after Jacob Zuma!



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