I hear the winner of the Big Brother Nigeria show will go home with a whooping sum of N25million. That’s right.

Morality is fast loosing it’s place in the society. Gone are the days where people took pride in intelligence and dignity in hard-work. The new intelligence is Immorality and every perverse form of living. Else why do we celebrate the winners of Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Naija?  These people become celebrities overnight not because they have talent but because they are bold enough to showcase perversity and Immorality.  Top brands immediately give them shiny posts like brand ambassadors and the TV stations  grab them as presenters. They become Nigeria’s darlings celebrated in every nook and cranny.Do you know big brother Africa has a channel on DSTV? That’s right. It’s got its own channel.It is also on Gotv and you can even watch it online.

But has it ever occurred to us why this is selling like sachet  water? I believe it all has to do with our upbringing. I was a teenager when Big Brother Africa was introduced. My Dad forbade us from watching same because he spotted the Immorality. Although it is often said that forbidden fruit is the sweetest as we sometimes snuck out in the dead of the night to watch it or we flip through it once daddy has gone to work. But it stuck in my head and twinged my conscience that this is definitely not what I should be spending my time on. Even at that age, I preferred movies, I found big brother Africa boring but was curious enough to disobey my dad for some minutes. Later on as an adult, I only watched the last episode or episode finale as they call it in the year 2007. Before 2007 I never really watched it.

So not watching these shows does not make you a Jew person and watching it does not make you more knowledgeable about the world. The show is all about kissing, debauchery, nudity, sex and strong language. (If you into that sort of thing then you must like porn movies.)

I for one wouldn’t want my children stuck to their TVs watching naked people bath and make love. I rather they watch educational shows and more so pure entertainment such as comedy. 

Then let’s go to the youths, Immorality pays let’s face it. People love Immorality it gives them the thrill and the youths love it more because they have seen people rewarded from such Immoral  acts. Hence the reason why it has a high price tag on it. But we as adults and responsible parents shouldn’t be caught in these web of preserve nature and Immoral acts rather we should endeavour to preach morality to the younger ones. It is our duty and it is our obligation to the larger society. 

Enough is enough! 

Here is what a friend has to say about it. I guess he was so disgusted by the fact that one of the contestants bared her chest and gave her breasts to her male partner to suck.

The winner of this notorious  Big Brother Naija is expected to walk away with N25milion and a Car.. All it requires is: Live with a set of fellow crazy people, do all sorts of immoral things and win!

If only there could be an educating version of such. If only they could house intelligent scholars like this and make them compete for similar prizes. But, no! Our people do not encourage sanity. The best in Mathematics competitions walk home with ridiculous stipends. Laughable prizes while these morons in BBN earn millions for coming to suck breasts on International TVs.

What a generation! What a time! How do we nurture and produce the next Chike Obi’s, the next Chinua Achebe’s and the next Wole Shoyinka’s???? What foundations are we laying down for the coming generations? What message of hope and legacies are we leaving behind? Immoralities… Are we not losing our minds?

We should see that this programme is replaced with a more intelligent and educative programme.

Naija is broke yet the sponsors are wasting millions of Naira on an highly Immoral programme.

Pls what is the lesson on this Big Brother for our YOUTHS?

I am just thinking aloud…

 By Adams.

I say Adams, I couldn’t agree more.

Big brother Nigeria is mixed with gossip and Immorality and so it makes a good sell for those who love those type of thing. But really, I must emphasise that enough is enough.

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