Ok. This is really crazy. No kidding.

If you like gossip this is for you. But if you don’t like gossip but you are wise as a lady and learn from other people’s story. Then this is also for you. 

It is really crazy. Trust me on this one.

And if I ran an organisation, I would surely come up with some sort of award and awarded same  to “Jacqueline.” Something like best “best Twitter storyteller.”

Ladies beware, better abstain than getting a complicated STD like this one. One date/night of fun ended in weeks or months of nightmare. 

By floramichaels

Hi, I am Flora Ngo-Martins. I love writing and I am passionate about fashion, stories, news and food. Sometimes I get a little bit serious but that's alright, I can also be mischievous. I also like to analyse stuffs people do and sometimes judge.*wink* Most of all, I love to influence the lives of people positively and tell people's stories from a totally different perspective. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or....

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