Again the trials and triumphs of many prominent women in the world brings to the fore, the place of a woman in the world. Here is an interesting perspective on the life of Mitchelle Obama as the First Lady of the United States Of America. And as a woman if this article does not spur you to action, then nothing can.
Goodbye Mitchelle Obama…


Let me make a prediction today: some day, Mitchell Obama, (nee Robinson) 53, will contest American presidency … and win, if she goes into politics the same way Hillary did after leaving the White House as First Lady. I dare say Mitchell will be the first woman and the second African American in the US history to occupy the White house. Mark my word today. By GOD’s grace.
This woman has fascinated me in all areas of life. I have never seen a better female motivational speaker. Her contributions to the victory of her husband, especially the second term election was immeasurable. I recorded some of her speeches which I still listen to and study till date. A woman who could speak sense, almost extempore for over 45 minutes. Check the contents of her speech at the last Democratic rally in Charlotte just before the elections. She moved her audience to tears, even me in my library here in Abuja Nigeria. She was not even surpassed by the supporting speeches of Bill Clinton. In the 21st century, the place of the woman is not just supportive. Some women are pathfinders. Guys, train your daughters.
A story was told of this woman and her husband, Barack. Entering a restaurant, she saw a guy who had toasted her  before. Barack was said to have taunted her that if she had married that guy, she wouldn’t be the first lady today. She was said to have said no, Barack wouldn’t have been the President. That man, the bar tender would have been. Do you understand that? She was indirectly emphasizing that she made Obama what he is. I like such bold women. Not the Brazilian-hair, smartphone begging type.

Train your daughters.
I have seen so many women charting the path of greatness for their husbands. That … what a man can do a woman can do better is a statement with provable certainty. Some of us are educated today largely because our mothers, even in their illiteracy and suffering state under their husbands, determined that their children must be educated. Some mothers sold all they had to train their children while some fathers go about basking in a glory they did not work for at convocation grounds. Train your daughters.
The place of the modern woman is not just cooking for the man and lying in bed to be screwed. WAKE UP, my sisters. WAKE UP my daughters. If you can’t get to the sun yourself, you can push your husband to the moon. You can make your man what you want him to be. Mitchell in far away US created a standard for women all over the world. Train your daughters.
Barack and Michelle Obama are one of just two presidential first couples in United States’ history to have both earned Ivy League Degrees. While Obama graduated from Harvard School of Law, Michelle graduated from both Harvard School of Law and Princeton, becoming the only first lady in United States’ history to have attended, or graduated from two Ivy League Schools. This makes her by far the most educationally accomplished first lady of all time. She came through so many challenges as an African American student. But she brushed herself up by saying she could be black and brilliant!

Listen to me, strive and reach the skies if you are married or not. Any man who is scared of you on account of your achievement is simply not fit for you. Let them go lower, you should go higher.

Parents, train your daughters.
I speak to you young woman, if guys around you know that you are an asset, they can’t mess up with you. No man wants a liability. If you carry yourself with dignity, you can only attract guys of dignity. Most guys don’t toy with babes of substance. Keep your legs closed. Zip up. Pursue your dreams. If your back is not bent, no one can climb on you like a horse.

Daughters, after your parents have trained you, train yourselves.
As I wave goodbye to this great African American daughter, I urge you the woman reading this to rise up and surpass the frontiers of Michelle Obama. Your lot is not being a baby factory. You are not created to only tend the kitchen or stay in ‘ze oza room’. God did not stop creation until He finished with the woman. He created you and said THIS IS GOOD. You are good. Rise up today.

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