Amos had no intention of spending Christmas with his family, he could never remember one good Christmas with family. His wife Anira was an unrepentant troublesome woman and he always devised a means or a story to get away from her and his two sons.

And his sons? … they were terrors on their own.

The house was always messy like its occupants and he could not stand it any longer. He knew he had to get away this Christmas just to be happy. Anywhere was better than home, then his friend’s wedding came up and he saw it as the perfect opportunity to be away.

‘Honey, you know Christof ?’ He said.

‘Yes. How is he doing?’ She responded with a sweet smile.

He wondered what was going on in her mind, why was she this sweet? She always accused him of all manners of atrocities. Maybe, she had a plan or something up her sleeve.

‘He is fine. Actually, he is getting married this month, close to Christmas and I am his best man. I asked him how he could fix a wedding in this festive season and he knows we live in the West. But I must be in Owerri for the wedding.’ Amos said, taking a moment to catch his breath. He was almost panting from the rush of words.

‘Hey, take it easy. Should I get you some water. It looks like you are about having bouts of cough.’ Anira said. She looked concerned or appeared to look concerned.

‘I am alright. What do you think about Chris’s wedding.?’ Amos said. He was eager to sort it out with her, without another round of quarrel. At least he would have a jolly good time with the men and if possible some pretty girl might catch his fancy. He was already tired of his mistress. Her demands were excessive and he couldn’t cope with her nasty attitude anymore. He made a mental note to dump her after his trip to Owerri.

The thought of dumping her and hear her squirm and rant in her funny accent made him smile.

‘Why are you smiling ?’ Anira asked. She was curious. She always loved to know what went on in the mind of Amos. He was not bad looking and she liked it when he smiled. It melted her heart but she would never let him know that behind the hard exterior lies a gentle heart yearning for his love.


‘Well, the thought of Chris getting married, you know he swore to be a bachelor for life before he was swept away by the love of his wife-to-be. I often wondered how she won his heart. Because he had lost hope in love after his last heart break.’ Amos said.

‘I see.’ Anira muttered. She was disappointed that Amos’s source of joy was not her.

‘Anira, darling, I hope you can cope just fine with the boys when I travel?’ Amos whispered. He caressed her chin. Anira sat upright, she turned her back towards him. She wouldn’t let him see the effect he had on her. It was a sign of weakness and he had used it in the past against her. She remembered her sacred vow to never let her husband see the love she has for him.

‘We would all go together. Afterall, he is your best friend and it is befitting that your family attends as well.’ Anira said.

‘What? NO! You can’t attend the wedding. It is a strange land, one we don’t know so much about. I won’t endanger you and the children. Also the Christmas holidays would make the journey so hectic. Everyone would be travelling too.’ Amos said.

He looked distraught with Anira’s suggestion.

‘Then we just have to go earlier to avoid the rush.’ Anira responded.

‘I would be working, I can’t leave earlier than 23rd.’ Amos said.

‘Ok, we would leave by 19 December and you can join us.’ Anira said.

‘Who would foot your hotel bill for six (6) good days? WOW! Your suggestion is out of this world. You know what? Forget it, I won’t be going for the wedding since you are determined to destroy the trip.’

‘Eh me? You must be stupid, idiot. You want to leave us hear and travel, are we not entitled to holidays? You have been treating us like trash. Last year, you refused to take me for your Christmas party. This year, it is wedding. No ways, we are going with you.’

Amos left the room in anger. His hands shook and he was glad he did not hit her. He held his left hand with the right to steady it.

He paced the veranda like a demented soul, then rushed in, picked up his car keys and drove off.

‘I should have just kept my mouth shut. Maybe tell her work or something is taking me out of town. Now too much details have destroyed my plan at a good Christmas holidays.’ He spoke to himself as he sped off.

Anna, was not good at calming his stormy moods, he knew he shouldn’t visit her but he could not resist the thought of having a wild time. She was all fun when she was not nasty. He had a thing for women with nasty attitude. He steered the car towards her street when his phone rang.

‘Hello …’

‘Amos, you home, the boys and I are having a drink tonight, we wanted you to join us.’

‘Who is this? I am using my hands-free and I just can’t guess the voice.’

‘You old man, it is Chris.’

‘Hey, I just told my wife about your wedding in Owerri City. The city of hot chicks…mmmm’

‘Shut up and repent. Your love should be for one woman. Let me guess, she wanted to come along and you refused and it ended up in a fight.’

‘You are a wizard.’ Amos said.

He expertly reversed his car, his tyres screeched and the dust was everywhere. He saw passers-by coughing. He waved at them in an apologetic manner.

‘Guy, where are you?’

‘Am at your favourite joint.’

‘On my way.’ Amos said.


Try as Amos would, he couldn’t win the battle against Anira, she paid for her ticket and travelled along with him. His two sons sat beside them. He was already choking from their presence.

‘Hi, excuse me, Can I have a glass of wine…’

That would be N1500.’ The air hostess responded.

‘I will take it.’ He mumbled.

‘And you said you have no money, yet you can buy a glass of wine for N1,500.’ Anira hissed at him.

‘Just shut up, I have had enough of your venom.’ He said.

‘Nah! You haven’t seen anything yet, I know of your concubines and mistresses or whatever name you call them.’ Anira said

The plane jolted, it was a rough flight.

The passengers were shaky but Amos was undeterred.

‘What mistresses?’ He asked. He was slightly perplexed at the turn which the conversation had taken.

The plane jolted again. It was a very rough flight.

He could passengers screaming ‘JESUS’

‘What the heck, since we are all going to die anyways, it is high time we all say what’s on our mind.’ Anira said.

‘You have disrespected me over and over again. Treated our marriage like a worthless union. And all I did was love you… I bore two sons for you… Yet you never appreciate me.’

‘You always rant like a crazy person, nagging all the time, you are like an ice queen and that is why I kept my distance. There was this night I touched you and you slapped me.’ Amos said clutching at his cheeks to emphasize the slap.

‘You cheated on me, I caught you in your office with one girl. You never had it in you to even lock the door. It was slightly ajar and I watched the whole act. Haven’t you ever wondered why I changed suddenly. It was your cheating ways that got to me and ever since I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to even take care of our children.’

Amos was silent.

‘You caused it all. The disjointed family is your fault. We are like monsters, Yes I know, but you ripped us apart with your actions.’ Anira screamed. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

‘I am sorry. Please forgive me.’ Amos said. He turned around and began praying they arrive safely else.

‘God, please help us, I promise to be a better man.’ He whispered.

Later that evening on the news, it was said that all the passengers on board banana airline flight 008 from Lagos to Owerri died. They were no survivors.

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