Most times the introverts are core introverts with no desire to step out and see the world. But then again, some introverts are outgoing but they just don’t talk. How about some extroverts who are anti social. They dislike to socialise and avoid social gathering like a plague. But as they say the new year brings out the best in us and makes us do fun things.

This is for Lagosians. If you have no travel plans for 2017  and you are on a low budget, here are places you could visit with your family to have fun.

1. La’Campaign Tropicana: This is a nice resort. While the rooms cost N50,000 and above you get breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But the fun part is you don’t need to pay for a room to access the beach, horse riding, water drive and swinging tyres. You can also play ludo game, pool ball and watch the sun set.  It’s just fun all the way.The gate fee is not much and may not be more than N3,000. Shocking Right? Well, why not call them to have the exact figure.

La campagne Tropicana beach resort
La campagne at sunset


And they got a swimming pool. Yay! To all swimmers


2. Omu Resort: This is another awesome place to visit. And guess what? It is family friendly. There’s a play centre for kids, a wax museum and aquarium or something with a close resemblance to it. There’s also the zoo. You get to meet the tired lion, that is if it is still alive. What of the quad bike? The roller coaster? The bouncing castle? Horse ride? Archery. Yes! That’s some thing worth trying out. It makes you feel like you are a character in an adventurous movie. The list is endless.

3. Elegushi Beach/Lekki Beach And Other Happening Beach: If you love peace and quiet. Lekki Beach is the place for you. Make sure to go with a beach ball and have fun. If you love the crowd, head to Elegushi beach, have some beach food or better take yours. Go to Badagry beach and visit the slave trade section. It is our history and it is worth knowing.

4. The Malls: The Malls are boring but some Malls do organise some dance show and bouncy castle for children during the festive periods.  The shoprite mall at Jakande did so last year. More so, it is always crowded. The family can sit and take on the view.

5. Tarkwa Bay: I have not been here myself, but I heard it is really cool. You can check it out if you are not afraid of water. You have to hire a boat to cross the water. It is definitely a place worth visiting.

6.Whispering Palms: If you live on the mainland in areas such as Festac, Satellite Town, Volkswagen, Barracks, Okokomiko etc. You can always make a trip to whispering palms. It has rich culture and history of the Benin kingdom and other ancient kingdoms  stored in their museum.

The water drive
The museum
The Zoo

I found it particularly fascinating. Also taste their natural coconut drink and have a boat ride. It is fun out there and oh don’t forget to check out their zoo. Hopefully, the animals are still there…*wink*

7.Lufasi Nature Park: This is nature’s resort. It got a place for children to play. They are installing more facilities and there usually have activities during the festive periods. Also there’s the funny monkey from Canada called Richie. There are two, husband and wife and one amazing thing about the monkeys is they understand people. They shake hands with humans and I understand the male monkey is a make-up artist.He knows how to apply make-up on the face of a woman. Am serious. This is no joke and I hear he does it expertly.  Awesome!!!


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