​It is the 5th day of the new year and some of us have hurriedly made our new year’s resolutions and wishes on the first day. While it is not entirely bad, but sometimes deep thought and contemplation is a receipe for success. Have we really looked inwards? I can bet some people have failed to keep up with their new resolutions and have gone back to their old and comfortable ways. 

So, I came across these tips for a successful year in 2017 and they say no knowledge is wasted. I believe it is a worth reading for self -development and personal growth. I don’t believe on resolutions for I can’t remember the last time I made one. I believe in striving to be a better person on a daily basis and there’s no better way to achieve it than by expanding our knowledge. Here are useful tips to having a successful year.

1. Connect with those who don’t try to push you back in your shell. They encourage you to come out and stay out. #Successful2017

2. It’s the thought that counts, but it’s your actions that make the difference.


 3. Life is a series of lessons. Let what you learned last year become what blesses you this year. #Successful2017

4. Resolutions don’t change much over time, but a renewed mind can change everything for a lifetime. #Successful2017

 5. When you are fully persuaded by God, you don’t need to convince anyone else. You don’t  have to explain your obedience to anyone else. #Successful2017

6. When your eyesight only sees the problems, allow your Vision to see the Possibilities. #Successful2017

7. Accepting their apology doesn’t obligate you to keep tolerating the wrong behaviour. #Successful2017

8. When your heart is ready to make music, the drums will appear. #Successful2017

9. You don’t have to cling to those who have turned away. There is a whole world of people you have to meet. #Successful2017

10. Define yourself. You don’t have to stay in the box of other people’s limited ideas of who you can be. #Successful2017

11. The tears of 2016 watered the seeds for your 2017 harvest. #Successful2017

12. Stop trying to play catch up with old habits and negative friends. Run the race in front of you and stop looking back. #Successful2017

13. Breakthrough happens when your Priorities reflect your Purpose. #Successful2017

14. Too often we use drama and arguments to push away those who genuinely love us. Please make your Presence a Present. #Successful2017

15. Don’t accept nonsense and never applaud foolishness BUT don’t make it a fight. #Successful2017

16. Let nothing snatch your Hope today. Something better is showing up. #Successful2017

And your personal development plan, if you have none for 2017 or you have no clue on what it should be…  Should include the following:

1. *Building Spiritual Capacity* (Moving from Just *Relationship* to Quality *Fellowship* with Your *God*)

2. *Inspirational And Motivational Books* to *Read* in 2017 (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

3. *Professional And Career Development* Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either *Paid or Free*)

4. *Mentors and Coaches* you must *connect* with in 2017, that will *add great value* to your life and work.

5. *Relevant/Additional Skills* to *Develop* or *Sharpen* to enhance your ability to *SERVE* people and *EARN* more.

6. *Events, Places, Cities And Nations* To *Visit* for personal *relaxation, receation and education*.

7. *Networks or Associations* to join, that will serve as *leverages* for *opportunities* and *connections* 

8. What *Products or/and Services* will you be creating in 2017 to multiply *IMPACT* and increase *INCOME*.

9. *Negative Relationships or Friendships* to cut off (that *drains personal energy*)

10. *Wise and Intelligent Investments* to *undertake* in 2017.

11. *Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours* to *confront* and *conquer*.

12. *Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours* to *cultivate* in 2017.

Let Your *Plans* Begin Now if You Haven’t !

Final tips on receipe to success in 2017 is this:

Write your goals, plans and aims for the year so that you can run with it.

Opportunities will only come your way when you plan for things to happen. SO PLAN AHEAD AND SET THE TONE…


By floramichaels

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