When it comes to fashion, it is less talk and more images, more actions and that’s what we saw with the fashion label ‘Sammielle Couture’ founded by Samuel Elendu. I am not sure that rings a bell for non-fashionistas, NO! Not just yet and for some fashionistas the name does ring a bell but they can’t quite place it.

Ok, here is why Sammielle Couture and the founder Samuel Elendu should ring a bell. The label has designed clothes for Nigerian Celebrities such as DENRELE Edun, Beverly OSU, Ogenna Ekwubiri (Miss Tourism Nigeria 2016) Collette Nwadike and Bimp from big brother Africa.

Dress designed by Sammielle Couture
Designed by Sammielle Couture


Yes! Now that I have your attention, you are all wondering who Samuel Elendu is, he is a young man born on 29 August in his late twenties who hails from Okposi in Ohaozara local government area of Ebonyi State but what makes him thick is his creative ability and fashion sense. Little wonder his fashion philosophy is comfort, stylish and chic. Amazing for a designer to think of the comfort of those who would wear his outfits. Because one thing is for a dress to fit and look gorgeous and it is a totally different ball game for a dress to be comfy. Without much ado here are 10 astounding designs from Sammielle Couture :


It is glaring that Sammielle Couture label looks to favour women who are stylish, beautiful and outside and women who are bold in fashion, yes, women who love to make a fashion statement. But that’s not all, he designs for everybody because he believes everywoman needs to be fashionable no matter the circumstances.


The trends you should look out for is high fashion couture

The collection I just finished making is my ss17, so it’s for both Christmas and early next year. We were curious to have a peep at it, but let’s all wait…. Christmas is just around the corner and we shall all see it in style.

Sammielle couture also focuses on wedding dresses, so if you love custom made wedding dresses cut to your specification, here is a label to come to, the fashion label has designed about 12 wedding dresses and counting with numerous brides maid dresses.  It is amazing to discover that he is a bachelor and so we asked Will you design your wife’s wedding dress? Here is what he said


Certainly she will wear three dresses


We all know that the fashion industry is developing faster than many other industries so we asked : What mechanism have Sammielle Couture put in place to keep up with the ever evolving fashion industry ?


Fashion is one of the biggest industry in Nigeria and if you are not consistent you might be forced to leave the industry, I am very consistent, I try to have a good relationship with my clients and workers and I keep researching and studying more to be the best I can be always…

Well,love the designs and you should love them as well. I can’t wait for his new fashion line for Christmas and early next year. My fingers are crossed. Till then…


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