Maureen Nwachi Tells us why we should undergo yearly medical checkup. I have known this wonderful lady for as long as I can remember. And if there is one thing I know so well about her is her generosity. She wrote this wonderful piece  on why we should undergo yearly medical checkups even if we perceive ourselves to be healthy . I found this to be extremely beneficial to me and I know it will help a lot of us out there who do not take proper care of our health.

She wrote:

Wednesday, 14th Dec. 2016
I arrived University College Hospital, Ibadan, said hello, picked forms for several blood tests and urine analysis and went off to several departmental labs…

Thursday, 15th Dec. 2016

Arrived UCH 7:55 a.m. and went straight to haematology where I went through another series of needle pricks for further tests.😰 Then, I went to the records department, finished from there and @ 1:15 p.m., I was off to get the results, get my vitals done so I could be ready for clinic @ 2 p.m.
Woow! It was a loooooong day but that met a goal for the year: periodic health check.
It is advised that everyone should have a comprehensive health check at least once a year to wade off impending ailments but for the sake of those dear to my heart, the very special people amongst us, those living with SCD, I have this to say: many a times, some very strong ones amongst us neglect this call and what happens much later can be heart rending.
Not going for a medical examination when you ought to is dangerous. It is even more worse because you pose a risk to your health for you may fall prey to organ damage and very severe complications.
The fact that you don’t have crisis every now and then does not mean that some parts of your body are not suffering; hence the need for regular checks. Those who are always in and out of the hospital always have a higher chance of curbing any major complication because it can be detected early.
My dear unique set of people, I understand it can be tasking financially, emotionally, socially and it can be depressing but it is for the greater good and a healthier you.Only a person who knows what is wrong and is doing everything right to remain healthy, is truly healthy.

And to sum it all, she made a special appeal to us not for herself but on behalf of other people out there. How selfless can that be?  So the least we can do is help this cause:

And in the spirit of Christmas, kindly give a gift of love to a child with sickle cell by donating N3000 or more per child. These funds will be channelled owards acquiring a cardigan and school bag for children living with SCD.
All donations can be made to Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI), GTBank, 0008294592.
You can also call 08098007264 for more details or email  twitter:@samiupdate FB:@sicklecelladvocacyng, IG:@sicklecelladvocacyinitiative

© *Maureen Nwachi*

Writer and Sickle Cell Advocate.

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