“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,”
(Matthew 2: 1)

Whilst Jesus was born as King during the reign of Herod, there were fundamental differences in their kingship. Herod was a physical king while Jesus was a spiritual king; Herod’s kingship was man-made while Jesus’ kingship was God-made; Herod’s throne was made by men, while Jesus’ throne was not made by men.

Herod’s kingship was at the realm of mortality while Jesus’ kingship was at the realm of immortality; Herod eventually died and his kingship came to an end, but Jesus died and rose and His kingship remains till eternity. However way you appraise it, Jesus’ kingship was different from Herod’s kingship.

Friend, God says, you are different from others. Their greatness might be all about their efforts, but yours is God-ordained. Their thrones might be entirely made by men, but yours is not made by men. Their destinies may depend on what physical eyes can see, but yours is not dependent on what eyes can see. Others may be great because they come from great families, but your greatness transcends your origin.

Jesus later grew up to spend lots of time in the temple, focused on the fulfillment of the will of His Father. He often spent all night praying and communing with God. He went about doing good. His kingship was about heaven’s agenda. Let your greatness, wealth, etc serve heaven’s purpose; no matter the heights you attain, never forget to constantly fulfill heaven’s purpose for your life.
Don’t live like the kings of this world whose lives revolve round their thrones. You are worth more than any man-made throne/position. You have a God to please and a destiny to fulfill.

Declare With Me: I am different, and my greatness serves heaven’s purpose, in Jesus’ name!

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Culled from streams of joy devotional 

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