​Trust and obey, 

For there’s no other way,

To be happy in Jesus, 

But to trust and obey.
Most if not all of us know the above chorus, we have sang it many times, albeit gullibly because we don’t give much thoughts to the lyrics. If we do, then we shall see Christmas in a different light. This lyric convey exactly what our Lord, whose birth we are celebrating this Christmas teaches; and the secret of spiritual happiness and blessing is simply by trusting and obeying Him. 
When I counsel people, I used to tell them that it takes love to start a relationship but trust to build and sustain it. These two are the foundations of any relationship and without them no relationship can prosper.
Likewise today, God is calling us to trust Him in everything; He wants us to have faith and believe that He does all things through love. There is nothing we are believing God for that He has not done before. A pastor friend of mine told me yesterday that the reason why the prophets in the Bible keep reminding the Israelis of what God did in the past is for them to know that He will do it again. Read Joshua 24: 1-15.
It is by God’s love that He formed the earth and everything in it. It was with the framework of love that He knit our flesh and formed us in our mother’s womb. God is always creating a work of love in our lives, even when our circumstances may appear otherwise. 
He loved us so much that this time thousand of years ago, mankind was expecting His arrival in human flesh. It is through faith in His great love that we find our salvation because He came down as a man and was crucified for us on account of our sin. So while we were still sinners and sinful against God, He loved us, cherished us, and chose to die for us (Romans 5:8). 
If then God love us up to the point of giving up His life for us then why do we struggle with doubting Him? Unfortunately this happens to nearly all of us at some point during our walk with God. It happens because we forget His great love He has for us. 
Yes, I agree that sometimes the rat race and circumstances of life can seem too difficult to bear; our earthy situations can be so hard that we wrap our minds around always. But I want us to remember that there is nothing impossible for God to do and He works all things together for our good. 
Therefore my beloved brothers and sisters, let’s be diligent to grow in our relationship with Christ. Let’s not eagerly celebrate Xmas and thereafter forget Christ for if we trust Him, our relationship with Him will not only grow deeper and intimately but our salvation and home in heaven will be secured for us. No shaking!!!
I pray that God will make us find the strength to stand and walk with Him in Jesus name, for He is always faithful.
Good morning and have a blessed day. 
By Dr. Adebayo Odunowo

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