This Christmas must be special in terms of your meals. Don’t make it the usual rice and fried chicken routine. Spice it up because FMB will give you the ideas on what to make for Christmas.

Christmas Breakfast: Most families eat rice through out 25th of December. Either because they are too busy making lunch to share to neighbours and loved ones or they are rushing off to church or simply too lazy to make variety of dishes. Now here’s what to cook for christmas breakfast.

1. Bread and running eggs or omolette: Sounds basic and like an everyday meal, right? Ok. Here is the catch, have it along side sausage, jam or butter and some pancakes. Now it sounds yummy. Make sure there’s a glass of fresh orange juice by your side. I quite agree it is special indeed.

2. Boiled Yam and Eggy Stew: Yea! You know the drill and you have eaten it before. But have you had it with some grilled chicken. Yes! You heard me right. Add some peppered grilled chicken to it and make sure there’s a glass of milk or your favourite tea or coffee.

3. Chips and Chicken: This is also basic right? Have some ketchup and hot fried Irish potatoes with roasted chicken by the side.And if you are not a fan of fried foods let’s boil the potatoes and have it with fish stew. Yummy all the way.

Christmas Lunch: Here everyone thinks rice is the biggest deal. But you don’t need to cook half a bag of rice to know you have eaten some thing special on Christmas day. Why not try these other dishes out.

1. Pounded Yam : I prefer mine with ofe nsala(popularly called white soup) Be creative it could be cooked with fresh chicken or fresh cat fish. Whichever one works just fine. Even goat meat can be used but you must be an expert in the art of preparing this soup for you to use goat meat. You can also have the pounded Yam with egusi soup or vegetable soup. Ofe Owerri is another good choice or bitter leaf soup. It all depends on your choice. After that wash it down with a plate of goat meat pepper soup and a bottle of wine. It is not every day you get to eat this type of meal. Enjoy it.

2. Coconut Rice/White Rice :Die hard lovers of rice must have rice for lunch and there’s no better way to enjoy this rice than having it with peppered snails or fried goat meat. Let the chickens rest. Explore other meats. Have coconut rice and fried plantain and some salad or coleslaw or moi-moi. You can also have white rice and curry sauce or beef sauce or even duck or lamb sauce. A chilled bottle of a drink of your choice is also highly recommended.

I can tell you are already salivating. Me too, can’t wait to stock my kitchen with these special dishes for christmas.

Christmas Dinner: What’s there to cook if you have eaten all these sumptuous meals for breakfast and lunch. But don’t be deceived. There’s more.

1.Macroni and Cheese: Have some macaroni and cheese. It is light yet filling. Add some fried meat to make it look interesting . You won’t be disappointed.

2. Spaghetti: This is in the same family with Marconi. You can make it jollof with some diced carrots, meat  and vegetables. It is also light but yet filling.

3. Noodles:Don’t cook the usual noodles. Make it interesting with lots of chopped chicken or lamb, tomatoes and pepper. You can also make it fried like the Chinese noodles. Slice some boiled eggs by the side.

And in all have a slice of your fruitcake or creamy cake or butter cake with tea or hot chocolate  as night cap before you bid 25th farewell till another year.


That’s all from me. Am off to start up with buying the ingridents for this cool meals.


If you feel you will be overwhelmed with the meal preparations. Start two days before Christmas. And prepare in this manner:

1. Buy your fresh chicken and spice it with dried pepper, salt and Maggi and a bit of curry.Put it in a freezer bag and put in the freezer.

2. Buy your snails, wash them with lime (preferably to preserve the taste)and put it in the freezer.

3. Buy coconut and grate it on 24th extract the milk with hot water and keep it in the fridge.

4. Boil your meat on 24th.

5. Cook your stew on 24th in preparation for the coconut rice.

6. Cook your curry sauce and all other sauce on 24th

7. Catfish is sensitive. Par boil and keep it in the sauce to preserve it. Keep in the freezer.

8. Make the moi-moi on 24th and keep in the freezer.

Do have a lovely Christmas meal.

Merry Christmas in advance.


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