Based on popular demand we are back at it again. Its’ the Ankara Fashion week as we prepare to WOW our friends and family with our look. This  Christmas is the period to celebrate the birth of Christ with our loved ones. And it is also the end of the year and as such parties are bubbling everywhere. From weddings to naming ceremonies,  to birthdays to Christmas parties to end of the year parties to book launch and Christmas carol.

We are making new clothes and the seamistress and fashion designers are under intense pressure to meet up with various deadlines. But most of all we are looking for that astounding style to make with our ase-obi or Ankara.

Look no more, we have hand picked for you the best long fitted Ankara dresses you can dream of. The dress that would make you look like a fairy tale princess or a queen. But note long fitted Ankara dresses are meant to bring out your curveous shapes and are therefore not for the faint-hearted but for the daring and bold. Those ladies whobare not scared to show off some skin in a stylish manner.

Without much ado here they are….

If you feel like looking slutty then try this revealing Ankara dress

And if you want to look Queenly …try this out:

And if you are gunning for that sexy look, yet not too revealing… try this out

And if you are looking for a stately look try this out:

Ok, you still want to look attractive and not appear too slutty , try this out

And royalty might just seem to carry the day …check this dress out…

Here are more styles for you:

And when it comes to saving the best for last, we’ve got you covered.

Check them out.

Merry Christmas in advance.


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