Even I who spoke against MMM am here praying that the thing truly hasn’t crashed. 

I have told myself this recent development is a scam within a scam. 

The ‘pause’ is a way to cause harm to people at the worst possible time – Christmas; the all important period of grand consumerism where wants outweigh actual needs. 

Then the MMM Ogas at the top will heal the people again in January just when school fees and other bills that require renewing will rear their unpretty heads. 

The perfect salve on gaping wounds.

And there’s a name for it, I think. It’s a tool that oppressors use to control the oppressed. Make you cry then make you feel better, and then your faith in your oppressor increases and at that point, nobody can tell you nuthin’.

I want this to be the case. Because it then means that some people will smile again in January. 

Unfortunately it will also mean that more people will jump headlong into this con, because what better way to establish trustworthiness than to live up to expectation when your ‘haters’ (aka the government and the press, as my MMM friends like to say) have declared you a scam? 

But I’ll take that. I’ll take a brand new wave of MMM faithfuls, over mass emotional and psychological problems so early in the year of 2017 if MMM doesn’t do as promised. 
If they play ball, the mass emotional and psychological problems that will come later on when there will surely be a crash, is the one that my empathy will not be able to accommodate. 

But for now, I do wish everyone who’s got money stuck in this mess will get their money back. 

I don’t care about that stupid ‘use only spare change’ warning that I saw on the MMM website. 

They knew Nigerians were neatly wrapped up in suffering. 2016 has been a terrible year for us and it’s easy for some of us to say ‘don’t join a ponzy scheme’ but the reality of many is that the period where they enjoyed MMM was the only period that saw them smiling and having full bellies. 

It’s still a stupid scheme, and I find people who are engaged in it to be quite morally deficient. Because you know what you’re cashing in on is going to be someone’s loss in the future yet you don’t care. It makes me look at you like you’re a criminal. 

But right now, I just want this scam within a scam to rectify itself come January.

After that, I will start saying Ntooooiiiin, I told you so. 

By floramichaels

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