​It is Sunday and while we prepare to go fellowship together, or while we are in the spirit after fellowshipping together this article published by Daddy Freeze is thought provoking and requires us to search our conscience as chirstains and worship God in truth and in spirit. 

It is titled : The 21st Century Church And The Deception And Fallacy Of It All

Here is my own two scents on the current state of Just like in conventional corporate marketing communication, Christianity as a concept has already been commercialized, such that denominations are now brands of it. Each brand tries to capture a sizeable portion of the market, or possibly all of it, through brand advertising.

What we have are messages advertising churches (brands), and an implicit appeal to the audience to shun other brands and patronize the one being advertised.

Today’s pastor is a loud materialist, a millionaire and a potential politician, who is very passionate about long life,so as to enjoy wealth to the fullest, yet he is sermonizing about a heavenly paradise so inviting.
An Immoral who sleeps with his vulnerable female congregants who have him in inordinate revere and fear, manipulates an already mind sedated needy gullible followers, travels the world and stays in Five star hotels while servicing his ostentatiousness on tithe payers money.
When he wants to plant churches abroad, he does not remember war-torn Sudan and Congo, he rushes to America and Europe, to avail himself of the dollar and pound advantage,
even though those climes are already bursting with churches. Back home he organizes conferences and conventions with bogus names and invites foreign ministers who only come around to sermonize same as he’s been doing all in a bid to collect more money from the congregants only this time ,he asks you give to God in a foreign currency that isn’t your own country’s medium of exchange and trust God for a harvest of money in like form. Is God a magician?
You can hardly tell the difference between a church gathering from people at a music concert or a movie theater.
In a society overrun by commercial clutter, religion has become another product sold in the consumer market place. A twisted blended world of commerce and faith where the sacred becomes secular and the secular sacred.

The present day church is now the HUB for money changers who are making money off people all in the name of the LORD.

By floramichaels

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