Have you ever gotten ready to zoom off to some interesting event then suddenly realise your hair was not part of your wardrobe plan. What if the hair stylist messed up your hair and you look dreadful wearing that new look. Then an event or meeting or interview you have been waiting for, suddenly comes to fruition and you are forced to go out immediately that awful hair was made. I can imagine the panic that would be felt  on what to do to your hair.

Ok. This is where a wig comes in handy, I can hear you say. But if your hair is not in the state to rightly sit a wig, such as you already have a hair extension on it. Surely you can’t wear a wig on a wig. Sister then you still got a problem at hand that’s why I suggest exploring the option of using a scarf  or head wrap.

Scarves and headwraps are associated with religion or culture. Mostly used by women from Northern Nigeria and Arabian women. Also mostly used by Moslem women and occasionally by Christian women on days of worship where some are required to cover their hair.

But with time, it became more fashionable to use a head wrap or scarf. Fashionistas just did not waste any time in coming up with absolutely fantastic ideas on how to wrap  scarves to make it look trendy. Now let us explore what we can do with scarves. 

1. We can tie it around our heads to cover up the rough edges of our front hair. Those days where the weavon we fixed is old or our hairs have undergrowths but we are damn too busy to visit a saloon. Here is what to do. Just tie a scarf round the hair to hide those rough edges.

2. Make a turban: Well, we may not always feel like making our hair , yet we have a red carpet event or a nice event or a business meeting to attend. Why not just make a turban to cover the old hair and give you a trendy look.

3. Just Add A Scarf To Give You Style: Ok, our hair is cool. I mean really cool but we are tired of wearing it that way. We can make a small headwraps to add that extra freshness to our look.

These are some ways we can use a head scarf or a head wrap to cover up a hair disaster or a hair night mare.


By floramichaels

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