It is Tuesday and for the working-class ladies, the business women, the corporate woman or the events woman out there, I bet you are already trying to figure out what you will be wearing for the rest of the week. For some of you it is a work in progress, for others it is a smooth ride and for the rest it is a struggle. Especially in this economic recession where the price of clothes is on the rise and the salary is stagnant. But worry not as Seno Uyai Usoro a fashion stylist at Youdiii tells us how to combine accessories to update our classic wardrobe items. This is an easy way out to constant worry of how to look fresh in the same pair of outfits.

Seno addresses a few of the common accessories and the different ways we can use them to add that extra WOW to any outfit. Here are her 7 ways to accessories that she thinks can change your look to stunning if you follow her fashion advise and tips below:


Scarves: These can never be over-emphasised. The more loud and bold the print, the better. Bold prints and colours always make a statement. Scarves can be used? in a variety of ways;

  • They can be tied on the neck in a small knot,
  • Be thrown over the shoulders in a casual manner
  • Tied on bags
  • Used as a head cover; either tightly tied or in a loose fashion

Glasses : Eye glasses, sun glasses or what ever name you choose to call it.  A pair of glasses always adds a new level of “chic”ness and “unique”ness to an outfit. It just makes you look cool.. like you’ve joined “bahd gang” LOL. The key to using glasses as a great accessory is to know the shape or style that best suits your face shape or else, you might go from trying to look like a 10 to looking like a 2. If you’re the more adventurous kind, a bold statement glasses is definitely the way to accentuate your look.

Neck Chains: These are perfect to add the flawless pop to a plain shirt or dress. There are different kinds of chains to suit every different kind of look. For example, if you had on a plain t-shirt, and were going to a casual occasion, a nice long chain is the way to go. If you intend to go for a more serious dressy look, a chunky neck piece is what you’ll need and for perhaps a night out or to a concert, a choker (goth –like) would be more appropriate to add that extra character to your outfit.


Bangles/Bracelets: These add extra character to your wrist. Depending on the occasion, you can go for a simple classy tennis bracelet, chunky bangle, or multiple beaded /metallic bracelets for a classy dinner, casual day out or a dressy event respectively.

Shoes: An entire book can be written on this. they are the deciding element in an outfit. They set the tone of the entire outfit and place them in their class i.e. simple, casual, official, dressy, party etc. A simple pair of jeans and t-shirt worn to a picnic with sandals can be easily converted to a party outfit simply by wearing a high heeled sandal.

Brooches: These add class to an outfit. They can be used in a variety of ways

  • They can be used on blazers
  • To fasten scarves
  • Smaller ones can be used as replacement buttons.
  • They can be attached to bags.

Earrings: From studs to chunky, to slight drop, to dangling, each piece is uniquely suited for different occasions. It goes without saying that simple studs are the perfect choice for a casual look whereas a dangling earring is better suited for an evening wear. However, these are not rules that are set in stone and can be mixed and matched depending on one’s mood and the event / occasion being attended.

Tip: Invest in some classic pieces such as a pair of animal print pumps with the same print scarf. It will serve you extremely well. CIAO


And that’s it from Seno, I hope her tips have been extremely helpful to you, I learnt some new fashion tricks and I definitely hope you did too. She will be back with more.


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