Eniola Abubakar

We met the lovely Eniola Abubakar, a TV Personality on Morning Ride NTA 2, an artist and the CEO of Enisential  whose life story is an inspiring tale to all who have a moment to sit down and listen to her speak or read her story here.

I for one, love people who injects motivation into the bloodstream of others based on what they are doing, what they have done or how they have gone through life challenges and overcome.

I dislike people who sit and complain about life’s situation without trying their damn best to become a better person from it. It is often said that when life gives you lemons make lemonade. But how many people especially the youths make lemonade out of life these days? We look for the easy way out. Crime, prostitution, fraud and the likes of them.


Here is one woman, a vibrant youth who once spoke to a group of young ladies, and I was fortunate to be there. That day she said something that struck my heart and held me mesmerized for the rest of the day. She said “I put myself through school by selling my drawing and painting, houses and canvas painting.” She wasn’t waiting for her brothers or Uncles or Aunties to financially sponsor her education, she took her destiny into her own hands and forged a greater path for herself.

She is a goddess of beauty, but that’s not the only thing we love about her, we also love her sense of humour, artistry and strength. She always makes one smile with funny actions, maybe it has to do with her being a TV personality or a mixture of being an artist, a make-up artist and a TV personality. Creativity has no limits and she is a living example of that.

She is the third child in a family of four children raised by a single mother who did everything to ensure her children were taken care of and happy.  She grew up without a father, having lost her father at a tender age and we wondered what it was like for her growing up.

So we asked her about her childhood and here is what she has to say:

My childhood was a peaceful one. I was this tiny, fragile looking, tom-boyish little girl who just loved to do acrobatic moves with our water tank poles (mum caught me once and beat the crap out of me (Smiles). Although my childhood was quiet and simple but it was beautiful and filled with fun that we created by ourselves in the family.

Eniola's painting
Eniola’s art work

Eniola is multi-talented and we wanted to catch a glimpse of how she was able to discover these talents and here is what she told us:

While growing up, I was this little girl that enjoyed my own company more than any others. So in order to keep myself busy, I picked up an interest in drawing everything that came into focus. Tables, chairs, flowers, etc. And as I grew older, I perfected my drawing/painting abilities and also took interest in other creative stuff too like writing, Makeup artistry etc.

For us, that’s simply amazing, turning hours of being alone into productivity and birthing multiple talents in the process is simply cool. But for one to have a talent and succeed at it, they must be a driving force, so we asked what drives you?

I’ll say my driving force is God. Cause I’m afraid of Him saying I haven’t done enough on the judgement day. So I need to cover every area in order to fulfil my destiny.

She is also the South-West Youth Leader of African Women In Leadership Organisation, so we wanted to know her plan for the youths. Here is her plan:

As the youth council leader for south-west, I plan to REORIENTATE THE YOUNG FEMALE MINDSET. I believe majorities have misplaced priorities. So capturing them young in order to see that there is more strength and power in the gender called female is key for me.

One amazing thing you should know about her is that she owns her hair product line apart from being an artist and a Tv personality, she produces her hair products. She enlightened us on her hair products:


My natural hair product is called ENISENTIAL shea-moist. I came about this when I came to an understanding of more harm than good in chemical based products which dominates the market as of now. People need to embrace organic. It’s healthy and it’s benefits are way more than what meets the eye. Enisential is simply this.

We simply asked, how do you juggle these three jobs?


How I juggle these three jobs seriously? I have no idea. . I just know I do them.


We wanted to know her core values and here is what she said:

My core values are being highly principled, honesty, integrity, appreciating who you are and respecting your standards.

She said she does not have a most memorable moment, can you beat that? It is really ….shhh haaa…. Not a word from me.

She is living her dream because to her that is being content, she has life, a happy family, a good man by her side, she is beautiful both inside and outside and she can say she is blessed. I definitely agree with her.

To youths out there aspiring to be great here is her advice for you:

Forge ahead no matter what. Nobody can stop you except you. Therefore, take charge of yourself.

Well, she wouldn’t want to tell us a story about at least one person whom she has influenced positively because she thinks we don’t have a enough space to write it all.(*wink* *Smiles*) However, she leaves a positive mark on everyone she comes across. Even if it’s by her smile alone.

She is a wonderful woman who gets inspired by everything, nature, colour, weather, God and everything. I must say, she is really an artist. No counterfeit.

Her parting words:

My name is ABUBAKAR ENIOLA. I love who I am without wanting to be anyone else. I appreciate and respect the gift of life. The earlier you see and respect the real you within, the better. Eniola out *drops mic *

She is fun all the way and a great source of inspiration to our generation, I have been greatly inspired and I hope you have being inspired too.



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