A popular Japanese saying goes thus “Good thinking, good product” and this rule is applied adequately in today’s business world. Before thinking about capital or funds for your business you have to create a good business idea, and not just the idea, but you need to have a business strategy to implement it in yielding the proposed result, because a good idea without a strategic implementation is like a tractor without an operator to control and utilize it in achieving the desired result.


I see business in three dimensions and so should you in other to succeed without share luck or by accident. The first aspect is “Theory”, before starting up a business you have to meticulously go through the theoretical aspect. The theoretical aspect of a business entails feasibility studies, business plan and business observation. The second aspect is “Practicality”, just like the general saying “Practice creates perfection” so also in business you have to practically execute all that you have projected. In order to gain experience and learn from mistakes made. The third aspect is “Result” and this aspect means a lot, because it checkmates your growth and determines if you are in the profit or loss margin.


Now having said all that, the billion naira question on your mind is “How do I start-up a business without money”, I tell you honestly, it is very simple but not an easy task though. The reason is, it requires integrity, self development and zeal in other to withstand and overcome the tides of challenges. To start-up a business without money at your disposal, the first step to take is sourcing for funds. Fund is an essential ingredient in business and mind you it is impossible for a business to be successful without fund/money, but it is very possible to start-up a business without money at hand:


This is where self development comes into play, and helps you provide services to people in exchange for money. For example you want to start-up a bar/restaurant to raise the capital for that you can start providing door-to-door laundry services or you want to start-up an IT firm, you can start providing IT services like web design/development, software development, it all depends on the skills acquired. The main point about this is using what you have to get what you want at little or no cost.



This is another medium in sourcing for fund and it entails asking for fund from friends and families to start-up your business. This requires integrity and evidences to show prove of commitment/seriousness. The best way to go about crowd funding is seeking for a reasonable amount that is, neither too big nor too small from a desired number of people be it friends or family. For example you need #200,000 as capital for your business; you can seek for either #20,000 or #10,000 from 20 or 10people as the case may be. It is a lot easier and precise than having an open floor for funds. The limitation of crowd funding is the lack of trust and sincerity among people that’s why integrity is of high essence to overcome this.



Nothing is impossible in the business world because from impossibility comes possibility. It all boils down to how well you do your home work and analysis. The theoretical part of business comes into play here, and proposing a realistic result is very essential. The business proposal should be submitted to mainly governmental bodies because their collateral is not too demanding. Unlike financial institutions that demands for properties /asset. Governmental bodies or platforms on the other hand might just demand for an original degree certificate or discharge certificate.

In all you do, it depends solely on you to either make it work or become an added problem to your life and the society at large. Nothing in life comes easy at the start-up it requires fervor and optimism to withstand the tides of time.


By Lawrence Micheals

An incurable optimist, a writer, poet, a technopreneur in the making, a resource personnel, an event planner who is technically gifted and clinical when it matters.

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