Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has compared students of Nigerian public universities and students of the secondary school he founded in Yola –American University of Nigeria Academy.

According to The Guardian, he made this known while delivering an address during his birthday celebration organised by the management of the university.

Atiku said that no student from any public university in Nigeria can speak English in an error-free manner like the head boy of his secondary school.

The former vice president said:

I was at (Nnamdi Azikiwe University) in Awka in Anambra State on Wednesday on the invitation of the university. There is no student in public universities that can speak English in an error-free manner like the head boy of my secondary school, who just finished addressing us now.

When the head boy of AUN Academy, Abdullahi Sani, started speaking, I was thinking it is one of the lecturers in AUN, but only for him to introduce himself as the head boy of AUN Academy.

He went ahead to say that only quality education (which produces quality manpower) can bring about development in any country in the world, not oil, gold or other mineral resources.

Atiku has also gone on Twitter to say that he was misquoted, adding that ‘Nigerian education  gave him everything’.

He tweeted the following in response to a tweet that he passed vote of no confidence on the Nigerian public universities.

Atiku tweets on Nigerian EducationAtiku tweets on Nigerian Education2


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