My African hair has always been a hassle. I could still remember when I was little and had a tough time having it done. Yes! I sat for hours unend to have my hair done and the stylist who had the misfortune of styling my hair always complains like this “Your hair is too full, your hair is too thick, your hair is too tough.” I don’t want to recount the number of combs that might have met their waterloo because they ventured into the thickness of my hair.

So it was with my African hair and this pushed me into relaxing it at an early stage just because I wanted it to be smoother, softer and more friendly. But my African hair was still thick and relaxers like Venus couldn’t make it bow. I used super and got my hair and scalp burnt on many occasions. It was just a nightmare, then came the era of weavons/hair extensions and o my gosh! God bless the soul that invented them.

The weavons/hair extensions  helped a lot for many years my African hair  found solace in the arms of weavons. It had its down side though, but it was bearable. I lived with the constant itching of my hair and constant relaxing each time I wanted to fix a particular hair extensions that would need bring out some parts of my African hair.

Then, my thick African hair thinned out from excessive relaxing  and had many dandruffs. Did I use hair treatments? I can hear you ask. I sure did. But there seem not to be working. Then there was this time I ran into a lady in the taxi. She wore her African hair, it was dark, long and long. She had it packed up. It was so lovely and I got inspired. I struck a conversation with her as my curious mind wouldn’t mind its business. She told me how she grew her African hair and I knew that’s exactly what I should do.

I transitioned to my African hair and I shall tell you how I did that in my next post.  After the transition, I just did braids and found it difficult to go about serious business with my African hair.

I do periodically appear on TV and there was this one time I was adventurous to experiment with my natural hair but it was a disaster and I was recorded  that way. Well, after that I felt happy hiding my hair under weavons/ hair extensions and braids until I went out with my husband. It was short notice and I couldn’t make it to the saloon but my hair was awesome. It shone and looked cool.

African hair
What’s a picture without a selfie?


Here is what I did to give it that look:

  1. I washed my hair with shampoo ( cantu Shea butter natural hair cleansing cream shampoo)
  2. I applied a mixture of shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil (I mixed it myself) NB you can also try it with coc0nut oil.
  3.  I combed it and applied a jack 5 activator moisturiser gel
  4. I applied to argan oil hydrating sleek edge to slip my front hair edges
  5. I combed it again, it was moist and soft so, I used a scarf, folded it into a thin line and tied around my hair. I pulled it back a bit and voila! My hair was perfect and lovely. NB wash your hands after applying the hair products, else your hands would be so sticky.

    So that was just  the one time when I felt good with my African hair.

    I shall experiment more when I have the courage to  and let you know. *wink*




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