Big ups to Linda Ikeji as she continues to strive for success in all she does.

The celeb blogger launched her social media network – Linda Ikeji Social – a few days ago and she says it already has 86k followers. According to her, in the next 5 years her dream is that LIS becomes the new Facebook.

Linda Ikeji had a chat with CNN as they talked about her new platform.


See excerpts below.

On the need for her platform: About 30-40 million Nigerians are now online, and they go through so many sites. They go to Facebook for connecting with friends. They come to my blog to read the news. They buy and sell things and go to places like Nairaland where they exchange opinions.

On the growth: Facebook is my competition.

On how the monetization works: Once they have 50,000 followers on their page, we will automatically start monetizing it. That means we will put our client’s banners on the page and pay you a commission from what they pay us. Being on social networking sites make the (site) owners billionaires. You being on our site will make us money, but at the same time we will share some of that money with you.

On her critics: There are people who are jealous, because they don’t understand how somebody can be so successful at something so many others are trying to do. They may not agree with the way I do stuff. They will criticize and show their opinion, which is fine with me.


Read the full feature here.

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