​Apparently, in recent times the  duty and obligations of the security forces to guide and protect its citizens seems to have taken a turn for worse as allegations of atrocious acts been committed by these men are coming out in the open. 

We all know of the sexual atrocities been committed by the security forces in the IDPs’ camp. Also there is the act of reckless driving and killing of innocent citizens by that act. 

Another touching tale of the heartless acts of security operatives in Nigeria is that of late Chinedu Joseph Ojimadu killed by reckless driving of the Kwale divisional police.

Chinedu Joseph Ojimadu killed on 6th October.
His elder brother Kingsley Abayomi Ojimadu took to Facebook to lament the actions of the Nigerian Police force and narrate the incident. Here is what he has to say: 

 My kid brother Chinedu Joseph Ojimadu who was killed by Kwale divisional police on the 6th of October on Ibusa/Warri express way was buried two days ago being on the 29th of October, 2016. From the day he died in a ghastly motor accident caused by reckless driving of Kwale divissional police, the CSP Emmanuel Ogbuanya(08033969550) and company didn’t make any effort to visit the deseased family, maybe because we have none to fight for us. The painful part of it was that some policemen who came to the scene only rescued their own and allowed my brother to die in the burning vehicle. How can i be proud of this Country again?

There’s also the sad tale of DSS handing out N250,000 to families of DSS officers who missed/died in the line of duty for their burial. The remains of these fallen heroes couldnt be located. According to Don Saint, a brother to one of the missing Officers, he wrote: 

“This is my brother, the Samson of my family, my community, my state and Lagos State. The best DSS officer in Lagos State (2014)

After over one year of sorrows, pains and false hope, The DSS has finally alerted the families of missing DSS officers that their loved ones ‘died’ as heroes in the line of duty. On Saturday, 29th of October, The DSS gave each of the families 250,000 as their own contribution for their burial… When we asked about their bodies, they told us that they can’t locate their bodies.

The minister of information once said that most Nigerians spend up to 100,000 on a bottle of Champagne. So I ask, if the lives of these ‘fallen’ heroes as they said, is worth only about two bottles of Champagne?

“I’m making a case not only for my brother but for all the security personnel who put their lives in harm’s way for the sake of this nation. While some people are paid to loot our money, those people who put their lives on the line are treated as.They say what goes around comes around, hence, as we continue to wallow in our pains, we thank President Buhari and the DSS as we lay this on the table of God Almighty!

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