Just two weeks ago, beauty queen Chidinma Okeke handed over her crown to a new Miss AnambraDuring her tenure, she was given a car and represented Nigeria at the Miss International Pageant in Germany.

However, in a shocking turn of events, a lesbian sex tape was released of someone who she claims isn’t her, and another woman having sex a few days ago.

However, she has denied the allegations –

Chidinma Okeke 2She also planned to hold a press conference today, but she said was receiving threats and was afraid for her life on her Facebook page.

“Good morning all. This is Chidinma Okeke, Miss Anambra 2015, considering the need to make the world know the truth about the trending scandal and what we have been going through before, then and now I decided to address a world press conference at the NUJ press centre Awka today.

But from the moment I made public this intention I have been under siege of threats by my black- mailers and traducers. They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if I ever open my mouth to say real truth about the ugly episode. My life is under serious threat if they succeed in killing me today the world already know my traducers the truth is unearthed.”

Vanguard reports about the true source of the tape and the drama.

According to an unconfirmed online source (Secret Reporters), Chidinma has been having an affair with one of the top management staff of the organization. Trouble started after she refused to cooperate with the said ‘oga’, who wanted his other friends to also have a taste of her. She was said to have been threatened, and could not bear the pressure anymore hence she decided to surrender the Kia car and her crown.

However, the Anambra Broadcasting Service, organisers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant have denied these claims and have condemned the tape.

We wish to make the following clarifications –

“The said Miss Chidinma Okeke who is allegedly linked to the lurid content in circulation has served-out her term as Miss Anambra 2015 and handed over the crown in line with the terms and conditions of The Miss Anambra pageant.

“We condemn in clear terms any amoral behaviour/ conduct as suggested by the alleged lurid content in circulation and do not condone such.

“It is on record that The Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been a platform to empower Anambra women and celebrate our rich culture and heritage.”

By Lawrence Micheals

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