Beyoncé has always been a professional and occasional challenges makes her prove herself to be exactly what she is, a professional performer. Beyoncé’s  performance on Saturday 16 October, 2016 during her Tidal X Charity  Concert in  Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre, New York was not without some incident as her earring ripped from her left ear and started bleeding. According to reports from ET Online, Beyoncé’s long  braid caught on her earring and the 35 year old singer without missing a beat cleaned the blood from her ears.

But Beyoncé’s performance of ‘Haunted’ was flawless despite her earring being ripped off by her long braid. She even werk. Go on Queen Bey!

The proceeds from the concert went to the Robin Hood foundation in order to raise awareness and create positive social impact on education around the world pitchfork reported.

Beyoncé was not the only artist to have performed in the concert as the concert also had Lauryn Hill, Blood Orange, Nicki Minaj and  Alicia Keys performed as well.

Since the drop of her album Formation, Beyoncé has been on a very long tour(nearly 5 months) which just came to an end last week at New Jersey.

By now we all know Beyoncé is a perfectionist and everyone has always wanted a piece of her performance. Her tour cannot be only said to be successful but also to be financially rewarding according to Billboard, the tour sold approximately 2.2 million tickets during its run, and took in over $256,084,556 dollars in total. With a total of 49 stops around the globe, that averages about $5.2 million in gross and 45,757 paid attendance per show.

The highest grossing stop came overseas in London at Wembley Stadium, where Beyonce brought in $15.3 million dollars with a total of 142,500 tickets sold.

“When you go up [on sale] and sell out stadiums, and in some markets multiple stadiums, it’s big,” tour promoter Arthur Fogel told Billboard. “I have to congratulate the great team on our side that does these things, and I congratulate her team, because it was all really well done, well set up, and well-executed all the way around.”

We say: Great Job Queen Bey!



Image credit: ET Online

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