Royal family fashion style in Canada

The Royal family fashion style in Canada is one thing that stuck to everyone’s mind and we won’t be forgetting that in a long long time. The royal family favoured blue and Prince George particularly looked charming in his blue cardigan and shorts. We hear the Canadians might just adopt that sort of fashion for their children. ugh hmmm! That’s wonderful. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte got a personalised Vancouver canucks jersey in addition to the loads of teddy bears they received as gifts in Canada.



What of Princess Charlotte? She caused quite a stare too, and we hear she resembles the baby version of  Queen Elizabeth II. Here is a picture for you to decide for yourself.

fashion styles of the royal family in canada

And boy! We are all glad Prince Williams a.k.a Duke of Cambridge looked stunning, smart and sharp all through his trip in Canada. Its amazing since Kate Middleton a.k.a Catherine Duchess of Cambridge adjusted his wardrobe through her stylist. They succeeded in throwing out his chinos, brown loafers, tatty trainers , double breasted suits and cords. His wardrobe took a brighter look to favour suits  by Savile Row tailor and Gieves & Hawkes for formal occasions just like that of his Father – Prince Of Wales. His chinos are replaced for more tight fitted trousers and his loafers for desert boots from L.K Bennett. I bet you also like the new look and he is riding high to becoming a fashion icon in the men fashion world.

Finally to the fashion icon Duchess herself. Kate Middleton always charms us in everything she wears. Clothes are purposely made to fit her lovely shape. Apart from her red dress which caused a sensation in Canada we also liked her white jacket and black skinny pants. I can easily see myself fitting into it. Its from Zara.

The royal family fashion style in Canada was thrilling and exciting as expected.    Check out their colour combination. It is absolutely fantastic.



Thumbs up to the royals.

Let’s make it a date again.



Image credit/PA/Samir Hussein

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