Two Types of men

I know you don’t agree with me that there are just two types of men, but hear me out. Men are not as complicated as women and after reading this thought provoking article, I am certain we would be on the same page.

The two types of men are: the quiet ones and the loud ones. All other attributes of a man falls into this two categories.

  1. The Quiet Men: This type of men do not say much, they take actions and woe betide you if you get on their bad side. You will see the worst side of them. Otherwise they are nice, loving, good, gentle and caring. They expect you to know what’s expected of you. The Quiet men expect their actions to speak for them. They make less or no promises at all and give huge surprises.They are usually introverts and don’t tell you what they  feel you are doing wrong until they have had enough of that perceived bad character. These men care so much about how they are viewed outwards. They carefully, put a good image of themselves and try to live up to it. For them, they reason thoroughly before taking any decision and it is very hard for them to go back on their decision once it has been taken. You can beg and plead and cry all you want but they will never be moved to change their minds.
  2. The Loud Men: This type of men, announce themselves with drums, music  and  a thousand page worth of achievements. Within 5 minutes of meeting them you already know that they have the latest car, they have travelled to many countries and they can buy you a kingdom. That’s how they are. They always find an opportunity in a conversation to throw in their achievements. And while that might be a great deal to them, they make the achievements look like a normal way of life when they speak to you. The first thing that identify these men is that they tell you everything about themselves before you get a chance to know them. They are like an open book but they demand respect. They are proud and some of them are reckless.  But they can also be very loving and they have a soft heart beneath the proud and loud surface. Sometimes the loud surface hides their interior and you need to peel the layers of their extravagant lifestyles to discover the real them. They usually don’t care about what the world thinks of their reputation.  They  put their large expanse of wealth be it knowledge or money on display. These men make mountainous promises and usually disappoint or don’t live up to expectations.

So those are the two types of men I know and some men are a hybrid of these category.

By floramichaels

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