Kate Middleton Sweetens Everything She touches

Have you noticed that Kate Middleton a.k.a Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge sweetens everything she touches? This accounts for why Kate Middleton is being sent to Netherlands tomorrow to meet with King Willem-Alexander  and embark on other official visits to sweeten negotiations on trade deals.

We hear that Britain is in the process of negotiating trade deals with every member  country of the EU. We also hear that Netherlands is Britain’s  third biggest trading partners/export market  and have not received a visit from a senior member of Britain’s royal family for 3years.

We say the visit is long overdue and as Kate Middleton sweetens everything she touches, who else to send for this mountainous task than the Duchess herself. She will be making a solo visit as she is scheduled to meet King Willem-Alexander at his official residence in Villa Eikenhorst,  Hague before embarking on other official visits according to reports from Mailonline.

Kate Middleton’s sweetness has earned her the task of making the visit which will open a long line of royal visits to European countries by members of Britain’s royal family. This royal visits to European countries were unnecessary in years past when Britain was a member of the EU. But since this is all in the past…

And if you are still finding it difficult to believe that Kate Middleton sweetens everything she touches, lets take a look at Prince William-the Duke of Cambridge. Ever since a style magazine said he dressed like a real estate agent, Kate Middleton stepped in through her stylist Natasha Archer and the story has not been the same.

Since Kate Middleton sweetens everything she touches, have you noticed that ever since she became a royal, she sweetened the fashion styles of royalty in England and has become everyone’s darling in style and icon in character.

And her children? They are just… simply put sweet. hmmmm!

That’s Kate Middleton’s power of sweetness flowing into everything she touches just like the King of Midas who transformed everything he touched into gold.

We would be back with more exciting tales about the royals by tomorrow.


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