The Piers Morgan- Kim Kardashian feud started long before today but got a new twist to it when Piers Morgan decided to write an open letter in Dailymail to Kim Kardashian after her robbery attack in Paris.  While the crowd is divided, some are sympathetic and others have a smug grin …”I told ya so..” Piers took it further. Read the letter below.

Dear Kim,

There comes a moment in everyone’s life which makes you re-assess everything IN your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, old or young.

At some point, that moment will hit you like a ten-ton truck and when it does, you’d better listen to what your heart and gut tells you.

Your moment came at 3am on Monday morning.

Until then, you were a woman who thought she had it all: great natural beauty, two perfect kids, marriage to one of the world’s top music stars, a variety of extravagant homes, myriad business ventures raking in hundreds of millions of dollars, private jets, limos, famous friends…yes, you were living your dream.

In fact you were living most people’s dream.

So much so that you even launched a Kim Kardashian West lifestyle app where people could actually live that dream for themselves, virtually, through yours – for $2.99 a month.

It proved insanely popular, which is hardly surprising given you’re followed by 48 million people on Twitter, and gazillions more on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

No wonder then that you must have felt absolutely on top of your game as you lay on your bed inside your palatial Paris apartment in the early hours of Monday.

And as always, you wanted us all to share in your real-time joyful self-congratulation as you Snapchatted photos of yourself delightedly sporting your dazzling $4 million diamond wedding ring.

Then the dream suddenly became a nightmare.

Five armed men burst in, hauled you out of your bed at gunpoint, tied you up and threw you in your bath.

They then robbed you of that ring and another $7 million worth of jewels.

You were terrified, understandably.

You’ve told friends since you feared they were going to rape or even kill you.

It must have been a hideous experience for which I can only offer you my deepest sympathy.

Yet you were, as I’m sure you would readily admit yourself, lucky.

These disgusting thugs didn’t physically harm you, though the mental scars may be hard to eradicate.

And it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

They might have been ISIS terrorists intent on decapitating you on camera in their latest warped, twisted reality TV snuff video strike against western culture.

After all, you epitomize everything they profess to detest about louche, celebrity-obsessed excess, Paris is their favourite European city to commit atrocities, and thanks to your insanely lax security team, you were a sitting duck.

But thankfully they weren’t, and you survived.

Unlike the 100 or so children who were killed by bombs and bullets in Syria in the last 10 days.

That may sound a trite thing to say but perspective, proper meaningful perspective, is an important thing when this life-assessing moment comes.

I’ve known you for five years, ever since you came to my old CNN studio in New York for an hour-long interview.

I thought then that you were a smart, warm, polite, engaging and self-aware young woman.

When I mockingly asked you to name a single talent you possessed, you just smiled knowingly and made no attempt to cite one.

Then you thought a few seconds more and said: ‘Actually, I think being an entrepreneur is a skill, marketing is a skill, and so is fashion designing. I’ve always worked hard.’

When I asked you about your status as a role model, you replied: ‘I think I promote a healthy, natural body image.’

You explained you don’t take drugs, get pictured falling drunkenly out of nightclubs, or cheat on your man. You talked proudly of being good to your fans, and trying your best to be a loving mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

You also confirmed you give away 10% of your income to charity, which is a considerable sum of money.

Despite my instinctive aversion to talentless reality TV ‘stars’, I came away from that first encounter genuinely liking you.

After that, we met many more times at events and parties and you were always exactly the same – friendly, chatty, and devoid of the searing insincerity and delusions of grandeur that so many stars with ‘real talent’ exude.

I even felt oddly defensive towards you.

When you were attacked for your cheeky ‘Kim Breaks The Internet’ stunt for Paper magazine, I wrote a column of support.

You sent me a massive ceramic pot of flowers with a hand-written note saying: ‘Piers, I am so appreciative and touched by your kind words and support. You get me!!!’

I thought I did.

Then something changed in you.

You grew slowly coarser and snarkier, and started bombarding the world with regular naked selfies – claiming, absurdly, they were promoting feminism and ‘empowering women’.

When I, and others like Bette Midler, challenged you about this nonsensical theory, you responded by posing with your mate Emily Ratajkowski for even an grosser image of the pair of you in a toilet, topless and flipping the bird.

It was pathetic.

Is that really what you want your millions of young female fans to aspire to do in the name of feminism?

Do you seriously want to encourage them to think the only pathway to success for women is getting their kit off and middle fingers out?

For better or worse, these girls relate to you, look up to you, admire and respect you.

Why contaminate their impressionable minds with such a bulls**t message?

Around the same time, you began trash-talking Taylor Swift after she took exception to your husband Kanye writing a song in which he called her a ‘b*tch’ and said he wanted to have sex with her.

You even encouraged his appalling piece of waxwork ‘orgy art’ which featured figures of you both lying nude next to a dummy of Taylor’s own naked body.

It was exploitative, distasteful and frankly, revolting.

And it all seemed so unlike the Kim Kardashian West that I thought I knew.

Now, as you recover from this horrendous attack in Paris, doubtless shaken to your very core, you have got time to reflect on where you are in your life and what really matters to you.

I hope you see this as a massive big red ‘WARNING!’ sign.

This was in many ways an attack waiting to happen.

As fashion king Karl Lagerfeld put it yesterday: ‘You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised some people want to share it.’

A Paris police spokesman added: ‘It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media.’

They are both right.

You were attacked Kim because you publicly flaunted your success and excess to the point that somebody else wanted it for themselves.

That doesn’t mean you deserved it because nobody deserves to be robbed in such a despicable manner.

But it should mean that you now think long and hard about how you lead and promote your life.

It’s a chance to re-calibrate, to take pause and work out if you just want to be known as a topless, bird-flipping, diamond-flashing, trash-talking sex tape celebrity – or something more meaningful and influential.

I’ve seen you speak out about serious issues like Armenian genocide, gay marriage and US gun control, and talk intelligently about issues your young female fans really care about like health, beauty, confidence and self-esteem.

When you do that, you have a powerful voice.

When you live up to and celebrate the former image, you have a corrupting one.

I interviewed the Dalai Lama two weeks ago and asked him if he minded that you have four times as many followers as he does on Twitter.

He said he’d never heard of you, but no, he didn’t care.

‘Famous people have no ability to compete with my wisdom!’ he smiled.

He’s right, you don’t.

But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to be a lot wiser yourself.

It’s your call, Kim.

What kind of woman, mother, wife and role model do you actually want to be now you’ve achieved everything you dreamed of as a kid, and now you’ve faced up to a moment where it was nearly all taken away from you?

I wish you well with your recovery.

Kind regards


We say: It is indeed a very touching letter, it sounds like Kim is being scolded and advised and pitied all at once.

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