A Trip To Jamaica began making waves from its inception when it was been shot to when it was concluded and then the countdown began for the D-Day when we would all gear up in our lovely clothes and march to the cinema to have a thrill of the excitement. Of course, it was produced by AY and no one expected to be disappointed. It was premiered in the cinemas on 30 September, 2016 but premiered at the Genesis Cinema in the  latest shoprite at the Ajah axis on 1 October, 2016. I hear Ay and Bovi came around.

MTN had free gifts for anyone who bought the movie ticket. I got a customised MTN note pad. Some people got umbrellas, wall clocks and the likes.

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Back to the movie, you probably have heard the story  of A  Trip To Jamaica a thousand  times and have seen the trailer in anticipation of the movie. It is a must watch because it is only then you can make up your mind if it is better than “30 Days In Atlanta” or not.

For me the part that cracked my ribs was the patoranking scene.   AY called Ras Kimono and Cynthia Morgan so that they could speak Patoi to the Jamaicans.  At some point they spoke broken English. They couldn’t understand the Jamaicans patoi. It was real funny. Yea! But I have some emotional attachment to a “30 Days In Atalanta” Just feel that way, maybe a Trip to Jamaica would grow on me, I really don’t know. I couldn’t feel the connect. The opening scene was really not good enough for me. You know the part where Olamide performed, I couldn’t even see that as part of the movie. His performance was not  really good and also the plot was not good as well. It just had this drag… I can’t lay my hands on it now. And in case you feel I am beefing a  good movie, many people feel that way too about the movie.

But you really need to watch it to make your mind on whether you like it or not. So here is the teaser:


In sum, the movie is about two lovebirds Akpos (AY a.k.a Ayo Makun) and Bola (Funke Akindele) engaged to be married who went for a pre-honey moon vacation visit family and ended up in a world of adventure. They were awed by the wealth of Bola’s cousin(Nse Nkpe Etim) and her husband (Eric Roberts)but beneath the glamour all that glittered was not gold as her cousin’s husband was a criminal. To ease the tension in the house when Bola’s cousin and her husband witnessed Bola and Akpos fight and make passionate love, her cousin’s husband Richard suggested they take a trip to Jamaica.

I couldn’t understand why Bola’s cousin was perpetually sad in the movie. Was it because she was married to a criminal? Or was it because she was not in love with him? Anyways, at some point in the movie she said that Richard  would understand how she feels everyday. This was the point where she made him upset by talking to a random dude.

Do watch the movie, don’t rely on hearsay to form your opinion and hit the comment box to let me know your take on A trip To Jamaica.

I remain your movie girl.


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