Let’s start with the good news, Kim Kardashian’s ring can be tracked at least she believes if anyone tries to sell the ring they’ll find it. The police report she filed includes the diamond’s inscription number and other markers that will raise red flags if it ends up on the market.

The Gemological Institute of America(GIA) says inscribed diamonds have a microscopic number laser-inscripted on the girdle of the stone. Once a police report is filed, any lost diamonds would be flagged in the system, and if they pop up for a cleaning, grading or possible sale … police are called according to TMZ.

That’s not all, even if the inscription is scratched off, rings like Kim’s can be identified by special internal characteristics of the diamond … according to the GIA.

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It’s not foolproof, of course. Big diamonds can be crushed into several pieces so they’re less traceable — and if crooks avoid legit jewelers … there’s less chance anyone reports a run-in with the stolen rock.

As for more news on Kim Kardashian’s robbery attack, she told Police that the concierge who was taken up Kim Kardashian’s private elevator and opened the door to a $10 million jewelry heist has become the critical witness according to TMZ.

We’re told Kim has narrated her ordeal in the hands of the robbers and her conversations with the concierge to Paris cops on Tuesday.

Kim had an extensive interview with cops by phone and told them the following:

  1. The concierge was handcuffed when he opened the door to her apartment.
  2. As she put it, “He opened the door and led them [the robbers] up and was in there the whole time.”
  3. Kim told police she engaged the concierge in conversation, saying, “Are we gonna die?” He calmly responded, “I don’t know.”
  4. Kim, we’re told, made a point to cops that the concierge was extremely calm, despite being cuffed and held at gunpoint.
  5. Kardashian says when the robbers left the apartment they took the concierge with them and deposited him in the lobby where his hands were still cuffed.

Lets all hope that the Kim Kardashian’s ring is found. At least that should make her happy and erase a bit of her ugly experience in Paris.

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