Kim Kardashain goes makeup free

Kim Kardashian is quite popular not only in the United States, but probably in all parts of the world. She is quite known for her pictures from selfie to nudie and more. This time she is in the entertainment news not for her selfies and famous pose but for hitting  the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week with a  makeup free face. Amazing right? Here is her face.




Errrr !!!! But what do you think? Is the face 100% makeup free as she claimed on her Instagram page or is her face just devoid of her usual heavy pancake. lol!

We say, she definitely has some lip gloss on.

So, Kim it is not as makeup free as you say it is. Who would have thought the mighty Kim Kardashian Queen of make up and nudes and poses and selfies and fashion and more would have gone semi- makeup free. It is a start then and the beginning of a new era. We can literally hear the makeup companies screaming … murder…

Maybe Alicia Keys no make-up campaign is finally making a point in the life of celebrities and maybe just maybe  no makeup or makeup free might be the new trend.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Kim Kardashian makeup free look, this is every bit made up but worthy of sight. Here are other pictures of Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week. I tag it Kim Kardashian Styles…





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