After the much anticipated wait for October 1 as it is in every other year, the Federal Government of Nigeria celebrated the birthday of Nigeria. Its 56, but one would wonder if it was really necessary in the face of economic hardship, hunger and the change begins with me campaign.

But we really don’t need to go to wonderland as Nigerians have been reacting negatively towards the celebration. Most see it as a waste and some don’t feel there is anything worth celebrating.

First of all, we took a peep at the facebook  wall of Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser Media and Publicity to President Buhari where some Nigerians have expressed their display below.

Bayo Yusuf Nigerians are angry not because they hate Buhari or really miss PDP but life is just becoming unbearable while the politicians live large in most cases.
Gerald Ikah Ifeanyi Another show of waste…there is nothing to celebrate @Nigeria56! The government should at least appear more serious & deliver the country out of this mess! Happy new month Nigeria!!
 There was an exception, this woman felt different:
Elizabeth OyenugaOur president the vice, my Bro Femi Adesina will celebrate more Independence. Pls president let God use you for Nigeria to lessen the suffering of Nigerians,
we are praying for you sir.
But the highlight of the reactions had to do with a Nigerian Journalist named Jaafar Jaafar who gifted his

 his Volkswagen Beetle car to the president , in celebration of Nigeria’s Independence day.

It is a bit funny if you think about it, yet thoughtful as he felt so pained with what he perceived to be the extravagant lifestyle of President Buhari. Funny because the No. 1 citizen of the richest African country can afford any brand of car, but the sarcasm is not lost on us. And the message is loud and clear. Nigerians want the suffering to be alleviated. I believe he has spoken the minds of many.

And before we go, here are pictures of President Buhari on October 1 celebrating Nigeria’s 56th independence day. We hear that Tinubu and Dogara were absent from the independent day celebrations. We also failed to sight them in the pictures. It is well. mmmm!!!!!

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