This is really something we can emulate in Nigeria to protest the deplorable state of our roads. Imagine having your bath in portholes. We could even take a swim in our portholes.

I don’t know if any Nigerian including myself will ever do it, but these Thai women have decided to protest the bad state of their roads by taking their baths in the portholes.

A Bangkok-based model called Palm decided to do don a shower cap and take a ‘protest bath’   as she was fed up with the deplorable condition of the roads on her route to her relatives in the Mae Ramat district in Thailand’s Tak province. The exact hole she took her bath had been very problematic in causing accidents and other issues.

Her actions have influenced other women in Thailand to emulate her by also bathing in portholes and her picture has been widely shared in social media.

Here are other pictures of women bathing on the road:





And guess what? all the roads where the protest took place have been promised to be repaired. Infact in Palm’s case repairs have commenced and  the Governor of Tak Province ordered the relevant agencies to repair the roads without delay according to reports from BBC. Below is a picture of the road being repaired :


Nigerians, rather than writing letters, engaging in war of words on what a particular political party has achieved or not achieved. I think we should copy the Thai women and take a protest bath in our portholes.

I might  seriously consider it. It is a more effective way of getting the Government to do the work.



Image credit: Facebook/BBC

Source: Facebook/BBC


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