Ok guys, am glad to be back after a while. Not that I went anywhere in particular*wink.* The Visit is the movie to watch. It just shows you the depth at which the Nigerian Movie industry has grown. It is a 2015 movie and I only got to watch it this year. But guess what? When I watched it, I couldn’t have enough of it.  One would have thought the movie to be boring and a drag since it is a four star movie.  But it was not.

It is the story of  the lifestyle  of two couples who happens to be neighbours.  Ajiri Shagaya  and Lanre Shagaya are  loud and scattered. Apart from being loud and scattered, they take narcotics and their apartment is like a dumpster.  And the other  couple – Chidi Nebo and Eugenia Nebo are  organised, prim, proper and live their lives on a schedule.   So it happened on this  day that the Shagayas’ fought and in the thick of the fight, they broke the window of the organised couple. Next day they went to apologise to the Nebos and make restitution but one thing led to another in the course of their conversation which revealed the darkest  secrets of both couples, their  dissatisfactions and a lot more

The Visit  is not necessarily romantic, but it is more of a comedy and a thriller. The cast consist of Nse  Ikem Etim, Femi Jacobs, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Bayray McNwizu. It is directed by Olufunke Fayoyin and produced by Biodun Stephen. It is a must watch and if you have already seen it, it is time to watch it again and enjoy the dynamics and politics involved in most marriages. You can also learn a few tricks there, if you are the naughty type.*wink* ( Nse Ikem Etim was teaching Bayray McNwizu how to thrill her husband in bed).

Here is the trailer to thrill you while I go get myself a glass of cold Fanta.

I remain your movie girl.



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