Kate Middleton's red dress

The Kate Middleton’s red dress, is what I call it. And everyone is talking about the red dress Kate Middleton wore last night.

Lovers of the royals have been keenly following Kate Middleton’s activities and it is no longer news that the Duchess of Cambridge is in Canada. She arrived in Victoria British Columbia on 24 September and she was lavishly dressed in a blue dress along with Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Her chosen colour is no surprise as she seems to have favoured that colour in the past but one amazing thing that struck us is her hat. Last time she visited Canada, she arrived without a hat and this time she is wearing one.

kate-arrival   previous-visit-to-canada

Let’s talk about her fashionable wears, the Duchess never seems to disappoint us and is an icon to reckon with in the fashion kingdom.

She wore an uber chic blue Jenny Peckham dress and a matching Lock & Co hat and a diamond maple leaf brooch. Simple yet chic, cool yet royal and elegant.

While Kate Middleton has decided to tow the path of conservative fashion on her visit to Canada, we hear that the Queen had recommended a more regal wardrobe from that of Natasha Archer-Kate’s PA turned stylist according to reports from Fashion magazine.

I like the part when she particularly told a little girl in Vancouver:

“I love your dress, it’s so pretty, Thank you so much, Charlotte will love this, she loves her teddies.”

That was such a sweet sweet moment.

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton wasted no time in commencing their royal obligations in Victoria, they paid their respects to fallen soldiers at Victoria Cenotaph, they attended an official welcoming ceremony at the British Columbia parliament buildings according to reports from Hello and the Telegraph. They seemed to have enjoyed the first day of their visit in Canada and the second day? Was more awesome.

Every day of the royal visit seem to surpass the previous. Now back to the red dress,  last night Kate Middleton aww, wow, stunned, dazzled, intrigued us all in her scarlet dress for a reception at British Columbia Government house in Victoria. She still had her maple leaf brooch which she wore on her arrival. The lovely red dress is by Preen, a London fashion label.

Kate Middleton’s red dress has been the talk of town, everyone is seriously gushing over it. Really? I mean it.

Well, that’s all from us here.

Before we go, here is one tip on how to behave like a princess:

Be kind and if you are kind work on being more kind to everyone.

Help everyone you come across. Princesses help people.

Image credit: AP/E News!

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