For a long time no one knew the face of Weiner Mauss except the German government. But that all changed with the tax evasion case against him. Weiner Mauss, a man who said James Bond was boring has been dragged to court for tax evasion and could face up to 10years imprisonment if found guilty.

The 76-year old retired spy said he has stopped a mafia attempt to poison  Pope Benedict, he has unearthed more than 100 criminal groups and has freed hostages from Colombian rebels according to reports from his website.

All lovers of spy movies like myself are always fascinated by spy, so a real spy should be more intriguing and  just   in case you did not know, those things that goes on in spy movies are not fake. It also happens in reality. How dangerously cool can that be?

Finally, his face emerges … for a long time now, no one really knew the face of this man, in court he did his best to shield it, by wearing a navy parka with a hood pulled over his head. That’s another point for the spy movies to emulate.



But that’s not all, the German James Bond refused make a statement on the first day of his trial according to reports from BBC News. He is said to have hidden more than 15million Euros ( equivalent of 17 million dollars and 13 million pounds ) in an offshore account. Let’s see how the German James Bond would wriggle out of this one. Perharps, movie makers will be inspired to shoot a movie on his life story. And that is he is not bound by confidential clauses from his employment to spill the beans.

His Lawyers, have stated that Weiner Mauss cannot make a proper defence because he is bound by confidentiality agreement linked to his decades of undercover work for the government.


And he had his head hidden the whole time, so while we can tell his facial features, no one really knows little details like the colour of his hair, if he is bald or not etc.


Image credit: Getty/AFP

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