Guys, if you think your girlfriend is hot because she has a great shape, flat tummy, protruding backside and a pointed breasts, please think again! That’s not all to being hot and the above features is just a tip of the ice berg on what it means to be hot. So, listen up and consume it all below on how to know your  girlfriend is hot like fire and can burn anything.


1 She totally slays every outfit. There is no outfit she does not look good in. From the long flowing plain or flowery or strap dresses to short or knee length tight clinging dresses to jeans and free tops to trousers and tight fitted shirts to bump shots and every other outfits you can ever imagine or think of. She just looks damn good in every cloth she puts on. She is definitely hot because she knows what fits her and she totally goes for it.

2 She’s not shy to be seen with you publicly. She’s never shy to give you a kiss or peck in the public. Infact, she enjoys you wrapping your hand around her and she hugs you a lot in public. She finds teasing you in public exciting.

3 She is not afraid to talk about sex. She sees nothing wrong in talking about sex, she tells you what she would like you to do to her on the bed. She seduces you in little ways, by leaving her shirt buttons undone to reveal a little cleavage. She flashes …. Her …. Inner garden at you by parting her legs ever so slightly that if you were not paying attention, you have missed it. She finally tries to fulfil your wildest sex fantasies.

4 She initiates sex. She’s the type of girl who’ll go after what she wants. Perhaps, she’s even the one who made the two of you happen as a couple. And now that you’re together, she can’t get her hands off of you. It’s like she’d just touch you and the fire of passion consumes you both that you end up just having sex every time. And when it comes to her, when she wants it, she wants it bad—and she’ll get it, anytime, anywhere.

5 She  also prefers it rough. She’s not the type who’ll play coy and shy in bed. She can even be the dominating one in bed. She likes it any way and you’ll be surprised each time. She definitely likes it when you play rough on her and easily gets on cue, resulting in sizzling hot sex that is as much as a work out as it is a steaming romance.

7 She really knows what she’s doing in bed. The first time you did it, you may have been surprised at how deftly she unbuttoned you and how great she was—and still is—at giving you head. She is not afraid to experiment and try out new things in bed. She’s confident in bed and all her experience led to you having the best orgasms of your life.

8 She loves to be admired by everyone. Because of what she wears and how she carries herself, she gets a lot of stares—envy and intrigue from women and admiration and lust from men. Either way, she likes the attention. Her presence commands a room, and everyone just stands in awe at how she moves and talks. Anyone can easily tell she’s an empowered woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind, and that in itself is sexy.

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